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either motion controls are really lame, or I'm just really lazy :)

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...your nothing but a one legged parrot!

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cheezzy poofs!!

Tiger Woods is an athlete who cares if he cheated on his wife, David Letterman did does any one care? so did the guy I work with, does anyone care?

SouthPark had Opera's vagina talking, and Paris Hilton's vagina was the size of a city did anyone care... with her lazy eye who would!


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who ever thought that becoming accustomed to broken hardware can turn into a fad? you gotta love marketing :)

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my eyes do POV so I guess I'm too slow :)

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ya the killzone story made no sense, I had to go to the forums where someone had posted the "history/background" of the killzone world in order for me to appreciate it.

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more like unisex.

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Dynasty Warriors 3 and a bottle of Southern Comfort!

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"I'm not too fond of long openings, I would much prefer the player to experience linear gameplay for about 2/3rds of the game".

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~ Razes Hell
~ Metal Arms - glitch in the system
~ Condemned

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I completely agree.

Devs see gaming as a work of art, appreciate the hours and hard work teams will put into their project, they see "smoke and mirrors" as a coding advantage, and at the end of the day they can respect one another no matter who they work for and what company picked up their latest contract.

then comes the branding and the blogging...

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cool I guess?

I'm still waiting for that fast forward/rewind button for the music player though.

yepp that's right, the 360 still doesn't have a fast forward/rewind option for the music player... lol one day.... one day.

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apparently I hit a nerve?

I'll stick behind what I originally said... the graphics in terms of reaching "top notch" are fine, in the future I would like to see devs make the environments become more "real" in terms of physics and things going on. <<place example of game here>>

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I always wondered why you were on my ignore list, now I see 149 other people feel the same way.

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can a juice monkey get bigger muscles?


Actually graphics are only half the battle and as far as I'm conceren their fine, what devs need to work on is making the environments come to life. A couple good examples would be Killzone 2 and the Ratchet and Clank series, Killzone has the "physics" and stuff all blowing around,live speakers blaring messages and Ratchet has a living city.

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btw that reminds me...

why doesn't Jesus play hockey?

...give up?

because he keeps getting nailed to the boards!!


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hey look... it's a stuffed monkey looking thing kissing a half circle mouth thing with sparkles in it's eyes!!

group hug!!

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Prototype, yep that's it. I played it at a buddies house it was alright, nothing too special about it comes to mind. Cheap entertainment perhaps?

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they have that other multiplat, I can't think of it's name but it's was their version of inFamous.

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uuhh you do realize this is Tik/Creat that do games on all platforms and it's not Sony right? I'm guessing probably not.

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