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what? your trying to tell me this was all staged?

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and this is why you can't sit down!!

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I heard the limited edition comes with a curtain and a smoke machine!

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someone has to get the banana out of the jar!

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that's the funniest thing I heard all day :)

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"instead, the Xbox 360 slim lacks a red "ring of light." If your console runs into some fatal error, expect it to flash green."

Is this the ONLY way they can get rid of the RROD?

double LOL!!

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I was thinking something like that, I wonder how many commercials their making with the celebrities right now?

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more like:

"hey lets move the furniture out of the way so we can play some Kinect!"

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it is overpriced, with MOVE it's all about branding and in relation to the wii's success the only way to do that now is to cut the cost and get these suckers into people's homes.

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I would rather sit and wear an orange jumpsuit than stand... wait a minute, I don't think I want to wear the jumpsuit either!

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chickens are still alive when they get their heads cut but eventually they do die after running around aimlessly wondering who turned out the lights!

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Nintendo never left, they always had their vision.

It's more like people as the norm just caught up... hence why the other systems needed to spend a good amount of their stage time presenting motion controls and nintendo (which people are familiar with the controls already) were able to cut to the chase and show "phase 2"... the games!

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they also said HDMI was not needed and once the HD DVD(remember that) was shoved to the side for the Blu-Ray they said HD disks are useless, digital distribution is the future.

After seeing a 3D movies at the theatre I'm interested in checking it out for games, but I'm not about to pay no $200 for a pair of glasses and anothe $2000 for a new TV!

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all in all Sony had the best looking stage!

I'm a sucker for RGB LED's

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I won't be paying $50 a year that's for sure and I'm thankful I still get to play online for free!

On another note it's good to see the CRTC bend a little by letting Sony finally open up the media/movie network to Canada!

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I agree with the too much talking,

at least once I was hoping Jack Tretton would just say: "now lets cut to the chase on this one and get right to another game!"

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I didn't disagree but singstar seems to be pretty huge around the world. That pic is soooo metro sexual though. lol

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I like that Star Wars set up, it reminds me of the good ol' jungle/drum n bass jams back in the day! except with a bathroom with running water!

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my humps... my humps, my humps, my humps!

lol... had too!

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you seem to find it funny!

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