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looking at the launch titles reminds me why it's too casual.

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~ I want it because I want the free monthly games. I also want the discounts on games and DLC.

... but I don't need it.

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did anyone notice @:57 the kid walks past one open end of the couch, pauses the xbox, then proceeds to the opposite side of the floor/couch to sit down.

ummmm hello why not just go from point A to B and not walk in front people?

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that's pretty classic!

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coke and video games go good with each other!!

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well well this ain't looking too good, but seriously how did people think it was going to turn out when Kenects launch titles are... well...ummmmmm...

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ummmm I'm totally speechless, I mean come on people... do you not see how lame and desperate you have to be to pay to play with a girl?

edit: let me correct myself...

do you not see how lame and desperate you have to be to pay a girl to play video games with you?


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I still want to pick up HAZE,I'm just waiting for the price to come down a bit more!

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pretty much^^^

Some say it's old content, others will say it's content they thought about getting before with some free games tossed in.

It's similar to a conversation I had with the girlfriend last night. She wanted to buy mineral water because it was on sale and there was a coupon for further savings. I asked why? we have never bought this product before and we have never wanted to, so were actually losing funds for something we don't want ...

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Xbox = $9.99 to play online
PS3 = FREE to play online

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whether it's Kinect or Move, I have a feeling they'll both end up in a shoe box stuffed under some kids bed for most of their life.

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Eye of Judgment worked pretty good, it pretty much came out at launch.

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have fun with your games... I mean plushies!!

go ahead and call me trolling but so far Kinect is nothing, Move still hasn't showed that it can be "fun" but at least it has games!

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The Plus service doesn't really interest me but I can't deny that you are getting some good deals and perks that over in time can justify the cost(assuming they keep doing what their doing).

Then again I always wanted to pick up those 2 TIK games, so the discount and the free DLC on those would bring me up to about a third of what the Plus service costs in total. So I guess it's not bad if you plan on buying stuff from the store and your willing to wait for it to ...

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I agree, this is unbearable :)

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Team Milo = virtual kid + person behind the curtain

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sounds like xbox LIVE (aka: the flea market) and something similar to Playstation PLUS (aka: the coupon shop).


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DiRT games are pretty sweet!!

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the first 4 xbox 360's I had did not even have HDMI.

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I don't understand why Jimmy Falon's reactions is making news?

This guy reacts positively about everything, that's his job. I'm not saying Killzone is bad and Jimmy was "faking" his reaction, he very well could of been impressed, but one thing people need to remember is that he also looked pretty excited to be in an orange jump suit playing "project Natal" after last years E3.

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