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you say MILF like it's a bad thing?

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interesting, thanks!

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forgive my grammar skills, but is "maths" really a term/word used? it just reminds me of "beer" no one ever says beers. mmmm beer :)

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two people being licked by a virtual tiger is still pretty taboo in most parts of the world.

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sounds like your a fan of sales and big red balls!!

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well for starters...

... and that's just at launch!!

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come on now, lets not be too hard on Kinect it has more than one title ready for launch :)

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don't forget:

Little Big Planet
Resident Evil
Dead Space(extraction)
Tiger Woods
Sly collection
Heavy Rain

are soon to follow!!

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Shooters only suck if your forced to use the R2/L2 buttons(I much prefer using the R1/L1 shoulder buttons) , but I just recently bought some triggers and rubber nubs for $3.50 on ebay and it feels a whole lot better!

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don't feel bad, I too remember once sleeping with a woman.

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can't wait to play:

~ Socom
~ Killzone
~ Tiger Woods
~ Little Big Planet
~ Resident Evil
~ Sorcerer

... oh wait this is a Kinect article, in that case:

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with launch titles like these of course it is!!

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NetFlix is not in Canada yet either although I was listening to CBC and they said it's on it's way.

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well is this worth it or what!

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Hot Shots Golf!!

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I'm going to take a guess and say Kinect doesn't connect with you because...

but then you started to think "well it can't really be that bad? maybe Microsoft is saving the good games announcements for later?"

then they show you the launch title list...
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If it's such a "steller" game like this article says it is, then why are they wasting my time by reading their blog thoughts and counting how many times they can use the word flop?

How about you write a good write up about how steller this game is, then maybe people will show an interest?

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The thing about Move is that it's not all talk, Sony actually delivered by showing games and some pretty popular games at that.

Sony's coming out with an add-on but with that add-on their giving gamers a reason to justify buying it, and that's the games!

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here's a battery for the PS3 for $5.00 with shipping!

there are instructions in the manual to remove the old one but I'll explain it for ya since I'm here.

~ remove screws, unplug battery.

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sorry to burst your bubble Soda, see post above.

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