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Calls themselves a "PlayStation fan at heart" then proceeds to call the system "PS Poor". Your head is so far up your rear that it's at risk of being dissolved by your stomach acids.

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Cut the bs moldy. Days gone has not even come out yet so you have no idea what it's like. And not just because they are both about zombies means that they are similar games so there is no grounds for comparing the two or criticizing people for being more excited for one over the other.

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OH MY GOODNESS. So much stupidity in one comment, I don't even know where to begin.

Listen, whether you want to accept it or not the ps3 had a 9% fail rate and the xbox 360 had a 48-50% fail rate. No way in HELL can you even begin to compare the two. Saying almost everyone had an issue with the drive is ridiculous. Also that wasn't an issue where the entire system went dead and had to be replaced. I know many people, myself included, wh...

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Of course you did. I definitely believe anything you say concerning playstation.

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"It just need to continue putting out quality titles as it already does since it's an iterative console"

what pray tell are these titles you are speaking of? What scorpio titles are out now?

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Is this article too dumb for N4G?

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When you say "return", when exactly was the xbox ever the king of anything?

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No, BLIZZARD needs a proper reporting system. This is blizzard's game therefore they need to deal with this matter.

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Nonsense. There is zero and I mean absolutely ZERO evidence that the extremely high suicide rate among transgenders has anything whatsoever to do with how society treats them. Not a single one of the studies that was done has ever proven that to be a cause. Here we have again an example of people like you who are willing to throw away any credible evidence to distort reality to line up with your "feelings". this is why we are in the crap hole of a world we...

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Gaming can't help these people, they need psychiatrists. Anything that is making them feel more comfortable with who they are isn't helping, it's encouraging there delusion. People like you are only helping this world go down the crazy drain at lightning speed and somehow think your doing it a service.

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Sorry, that is LGBTQ pandering pseudo science BS. Why the hell are you people willing to throw away hundreds of years of provable scientific evidence and just natural common sense in order to distort reality to cater to these mentally ill people is beyond me.

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"It's funny, I used every reason to call out this review that you guys have been calling out on every Zelda review, but it's a different story now eh"

In other words you basically just came here to troll?

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I don't know who is more pathetic, you or the guy who did that blatantly bias video.

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And you're an xbox shill that probably screams their lungs out and cries every time you hear something negative about xbox. what the hell did he say to deserve you calling him an idiot?

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So, you prefer forza 6 over a game that hasn't been released yet? sounds legit.

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Will probably pick this up. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention.

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I thought I was the only one that found the story to be excellent. I see a lot of people saying the story was ok but I really enjoyed it. I was really shocked when I found out what really happened.

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WTH did I just read??? Zelda Has 981 user ratings while horizon has 4000. That simple stat alone completely debunks that tripe you just wrote.

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Dude, was that you in the video?

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I think "moving resources" is the best way to put it. For example, there are a number of longnecks in the demo but none in the released game scenes in the video above. I think i'ts because they probably changed the purpose of those creatures in the released game hence the reason there are fewer of them but it's totally understandable why if you play the game. It's due to them having a very specific purpose, having them roaming all over the p...

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