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Sony fans don't have to justify a damn thing. This has nothing to do with sony, QD is a third party independent studio. How is sony the microsoft of old?

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I know your mouth literally salivates at the prospect of getting any opportunity whatsoever to find a reason to bash sony but I hate to disappoint you this time. quantic dream has nothing to do with sony, they are an entirely independent third party studioand hence this tweet cannot be tied to sony in any form or fashion. That's like the devs of ori and the blind forest, moon studios, saying something to a playstion fan and then blaming microsoft. Your comment is irrati...

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What the hell does fanboyism have to do with anything? Your mental thought process is a trophy example of the downside of inbreeding.

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I couldn't believe how mediocre this game felt. I had really high hopes for this game but after playing that demo, I think i'll just sit this one out.

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What in the actual hell is this? this isn't news. How the hell did this get approved?

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You just basically summed up the lifespan of the scorpio in one sentence.

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There's always some retard that comes in after comments like this and says "But sony only changed after they saw the reaction microsoft got from their reveal concerning used games. Sony was gonna do the same thing". To the nutcases that keep beating that dead horse, let me just remind you that microsoft had their xbox reveal in may 2013, yet this happened three months before that same year 1561d ago 21 agree2 disagreeView comment


There is a difference between them having the highest rated average score and them having the highest rated average score FOR EXCLUSIVES. No where in that sentence does the word 'exclusives' come up. Multiplat games rarely ever get the same ratings on different systems. You need to have all the info before you make broad statements like that.

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That's probably why you have so many crawling out of your ears.

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I'm just gonna leave this here and I'll have nothing more to say on the matter.


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Like how? You mean shitting on a product because your system isn't capable of doing it and then when you make a system that can, call it the best thing ever? Fanboys already do that. All the xbox fanboys that were crapping on VR for the past year will now find it great when it comes to the scorpio. They will be just like phil.

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"40ish mil PS4"

Why do so many xbox supporters come across as delusional raving lunatics? Is the lack of games killing your brain cells?

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Pretty much the same place you guys shoved your kinects.

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The only thing that is pathetic is the fact that you can only associate competitiveness with hate. You seem to be one of those people that think that as long as someone disagrees with you, they hate you. Fans of opposing teams disagree and argue all the time, in football, basketball, all sports for that matter, favorite actors or musicians. People argue about which is really the best car, who makes the best damn pizza even, and it rarely involves hate. The fact that you can only see hate in d...

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"Dude you're talking out your a$$"

Oh the irony.

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Xbox one did not sell really well. You guys keep telling yourselves that. After 4 years it can't even sell 30 million units? That is poor by recent trends. In fact it's so poor they are basically going to release a next gen system in the hopes of gaining some sort of momentum. You guys live in an entire country called denial.

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Moldy, the only way you'll be playing forza like that on the Scorpio is if they make it a Scorpio exclusive. If they do that then they will be crapping on the entire Xbox one user base. So either they dumb it down to make it compatible with the xbox one or they go all out and make it a Scorpio exclusive. Which one are you going to support moldy?

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"And Microsoft is willing to take a loss"
How do you know that? Are you on the board of directors? Are you and phil good friends? Is your dad bill gates? Every time I see people make ridiculous comments like that my brain cells die a little more. What the hell do you think its is, a charity or something? You think they're doing this just for fun? People like you have zero clues as to how business works.

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