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This is an unsustainable model. There is no way other developers will be on board with this if they all keep complaining that game development is getting more expensive.

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Is that nxtgen720 in that image?

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@Kakashi Hatake

As an overweight person myself I find your comment to be extremely ridiculous and nonsensical. Please stop trying to defend me, I didn't ask you to nor do I appreciate you spewing buzzwords in order to shame people into thinking like you on my behalf. I find fat drake to be ridiculous and I 100% agree with nyxus's comment.

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Tear arrows are your friends. Try to remove armor from robots as much as possible to expose vulnerable areas, otherwise you'll be wasting a lot of arrows. It's fun to go all gung ho in battles but you need to be really prepared. It's always best to approach situations in stealth at first. If you see a large group of enemies (robots), try to take out a couple by stealth first before tackling the rest. when liberating camps try to take out the first few enemies by stealth first. Try...

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Completed the pole

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I refuse to take this question or article seriously.

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The delusion is strong with this one.

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It depends. do you want to play a whole list of interesting and new AAA games, or do you want a box that looks pretty that you can sit and stare at and hope that you get something interesting to play besides the same racer and two shooters every year? I can give you some advise depending on how you answer that question.

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Hos comment is pro Sony lololol.

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"Now, I'm sure that the X sold a lot more than the Pro" I'm gonna call BS on that. The ps4 pro is higher on the amazon best sellers list than the 1x. Amazon is not the "be all" but it is a very good representation of the current sales market.

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I feel it for all those workers and developers, to loose your job at this time of the year is horrendous. That game though was absolutely atrocious. It should never have been released.

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As far as I know prostitution is illegal.

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,Oh brother........

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In fact, if it were a man getting his arm pounded in the video they would be praising it and calling it "gritty" and "brilliantly dark".

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Who freaking cares!

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I expected that type of comment from someone with a name like "themuffdiver".

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Are you freaking serious????? There's no way in hell you're serious.

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Sony fans don't have to justify a damn thing. This has nothing to do with sony, QD is a third party independent studio. How is sony the microsoft of old?

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I know your mouth literally salivates at the prospect of getting any opportunity whatsoever to find a reason to bash sony but I hate to disappoint you this time. quantic dream has nothing to do with sony, they are an entirely independent third party studioand hence this tweet cannot be tied to sony in any form or fashion. That's like the devs of ori and the blind forest, moon studios, saying something to a playstion fan and then blaming microsoft. Your comment is irrati...

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