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Believe it or not, not everyone in the world has the bandwidth to be downloading three to four 50gb games every month. Most people do not want only digital.

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He keeps putting xbox one games in it.

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C'mon, we all know those trees were just asking for it.

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We got vanquish on ps plus since in the PS3 days.

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Hey, at least we have something good (and new) to play. You guys don't seem to be complaining about all those last gen games you have to keep dusting off and playing due to the lack of anything from microsoft. But hey, at lease they're in 4k right?

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WOW AMAZING!!! Could you hook me up with that? I never played that before. How are the graphics and gameplay on that money. Are they planning on releasing any dlc for that money. How many hours did it take you to complete the campaign on that money. You must really be pleased with all that microsoft money you're palying with. I gotta remember to out tomorrow and buy an xbox one x for $500 so that I can play with microsoft's money......................... make my brain hurt....

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You mean from the grave.

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There's no greater way to ensure i never buy a product than to get bill nye to promote it.

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Are you SERIOUS???? Are you boasting about playing last gen games on your current gen system? Is this what the fanbase has been reduced to? No wonder microsoft isn't even trying, when all you need to do is make people pay for a new $500 system to play old gen games. That has to be one of the most insane comments I have ever read. What the hell is gaming turning into?

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Driveclub was not barebones, it had a major issue with its online multiplayer that's all. if you're making a point give some evidence to back up your claim, don't just pull hot from your rear.

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Yeeeaaaaahhh soooo, nooooo. it's obvious your reading ability takes a sharp nose dive when it comes to any thing that is pro sony. He said that "Sony basically has a stable of the best selling home consoles" which is 100% FACTUAL. Sony has 4 of the top 6 best selling HOME consoles of all time. Microsoft has 1 in that list with the 360 and nintendo has 1 with the wii. Home consoles. HOME CONSOLES. I'm just making sure you understand what he said....

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Well, if it isn't then I guess the wiiu was a SMASHING success :/

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I will never understand why you pc gamers boast and brag about having thousands of games more than consoles and hype yourselves up over the "peasant console gamers" but then go and spend so much time and effort finding new ways to stealing those same games you pretend not to care about. Basically you guys are like the high school kids with pimples all over their faces who wear the thick glasses and their pants belts over their belly buttons, who tries to lord their genius over every...

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So let me see if I understand what you're saying. Because YOU like games that are tedious and unnecessarily difficult, everyone should want that and game developers should make all their games like that because YOU like it that way?

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What the hell does that even mean?? Reading your posts is like listening to the ramblings of a mentally ill flat earther who suffers from severe schizophrenia.

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I literally had to read this comment 4 times.

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This isn't the most anticipated video game.

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This is not a joke. Newnormative is a cancerous site that consistently posts these sort of nonsense liberal talking points.

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I read this article and still have no idea what the hell these two things have to do with each other.

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Are you serious? Where you on a different planet when the xbox one was revealed?

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