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And yet the PSVR is outselling both the oculus and vive COMBINED.

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"f ms won E3 than next few months Xbox will be the best selling console."
What planet are you living on?

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What position in japan?

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Hey, whatever helps you to sleep at night. By the way, is this you?

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" Tracking physical copies sold to gamers is close to impossible" are you serious? How the hell do you think microsoft knows how many zombies were killed in sod? Or how many bullets were fired in gow? Or how many chickens were caught in sot? All those major companies can track the statistics of their games which can give them a very good idea as to how many people have the game. They can obviously know how many copies were downloaded from the servers and they can cross reference tha...

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There will be no loot boxes, we'll just make the game such a tedious grindfest that the community will end up begging us to put loot boxes in and we won't have a choice but to "listen to our fans". know......we love the fans.

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You took the words right out of my mouth.

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As a black man who isn't an android and whose race has never been addressed on N4G, you won the internet for the day.

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Yeah, after all that's said and done and after that completely shortsighted drivel you just wrote. NO ONE can come into my house and stop me from playing a game whenever the heck I want or stop me from selling a game whenever the heck I want. I bought that disc and it's MINE. I don't care whose name is on it or what license agreement it has stated on it. I can do whatever the heck I want with that disc. Sony CANNOT come into my home and stop me from playing or selling GOW. What co...

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It could be 10 hours long and that would mean crap all if they don't bring good games that aren't multiplats.

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I actually just paused that game to come here and check N4G. never played it before but i'm actaully enjoying it. Don't understand why it get's the hate it does.

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When I initially read this comment I started to laugh like hell, then it hit me like a brick and it dawned on me that not only was the comment funny but it really is 100% true. that was the quickest I ever went from humor to enlightenment in my life. Upvote for you sir.

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Let me get this straight. You just pulled a 5 year old article as proof to your claims that they were making a loss on Ps4's all along and that they only started making a profit at the end of last year? Yeah, you're not suffering from some sort of severe delusion at all................ :/

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Proof for that statement, and please don't turn around bend over and spread your butt cheeks. We don't want to see where you pulled it from, we want to see evidence for it's existence.

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Let me help you write that comment to mean what you REALLY wanted it to say:

"I HOPE this will bomb so hard and Media Molecule will be the next Sony developer on the chopping block. It'll make me feel so much better for pledging my life to the failure that is microsoft".

There ya go, no need to thank me.

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And on the flip side, Microsoft does love getting people to pay 500 bucks for a new system to play old games so they may never choose to make good new ip's.

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WOW. Well I guess if microsoft said it then it MUST be true............... :/

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I'm sure he reads a lot, he probably just doesn't read garbage articles from garbage websites that would turn his brain into faeces.

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The reason it's news is because the gaming media invested a lot of time and effort into trying to destroy this game due to what they deemed as a lack of "diversity". Any so called "negative" news about this game will have them chasing after it like a dog in heat.

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Freaking epic lolololol

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