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Releasing broken and unfinished games and then releasing ginormous day 1 patches for them. We basically only get half a game on discs for large AAA games now.

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That title will belong to gone home. The game was absolutely nothing like how it was advertised. It appeared to be some sort of mystery but ended being a walking simulator about walking around a house.

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Gonna have to say final fantasy 10. I own that game on every platform it exist on. it's the best final fantasy game in my book. For me it has the best lineup of characters in the entire series, the best implementation of aeons where you actually get to control them, tons of side quests and one of the best ability building systems in the series with the sphere grid.

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Combat on the atari 2600. Will always be one of my favorite video games.

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It's AMD's report, this is from amd themselves. This is as legit as it gets.

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What makes it even worse is this

We finally got substantial evidence as to how bad the xbox one is actually selling.

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Is this what passes as gaming news now?

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If I am using my personal account to load obscenities at customers of the company I'm working for (which is exactly what he was doing), then you bet your a$$ that company has a right to fire me.

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Congrats on winning the "JACK*** OPINION OF THE YEAR" award

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"I’ll take back what I say if in Battlefield 5, in the name of inclusiveness as they say, we fight women and people of color in Nazi uniforms. We need equal representation right?"

Freaking comment of the month.

This is the first time I agree with something you said. What I find hilarious is that no one has responded and tried to show why that statement is wrong or bad. All of a sudden diversity and representation is a bad thing apparently.

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It's vgchartz so I'm gonna take a wild guess and they have not.

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it's vgchartz, go figure.

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"The average use of watching video on Netflix is 3GB per hour for high def and 7GB per hour for ultra high def. Perhaps you can ask them how many customers they have with mental issues."

Know what I find very interesting? The fact that you conveniently left out that you can also stream netflix in standard def at 0.3gb and 0.7gb per hour (which I assure you many people including myself do). When someone has to lie or tell half truths to make a point it usually mea...

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The average song is about 3mb large. The average video game is about 50gb large. If you don't see the difference there and why it would be a problem for many people you have a mental issue.

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I lost 40 brain cells reading your comment.

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"People complain if even the main character of a game is anything other than a white square jawed male", BS. Absolute and utter BS. Please show me evidence of people who complained about those same three games you just used as examples Last of Us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, tomb Raider. you are the typical feminist. you make up BS fantasy situations in your mind and then project that onto others as if it were real and then create idiotic solutions for a problem that never existed in the ...

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Let me fix your statement for you:

"Dreams has been in development for so long that I don't care anymore. It was shocking we even got the bit we did"

There, no need to thank me. :)

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This game is already extremely hard as it is why would you want a harder difficulty? What would be the actual point of that. Less than 1% of the community would even attempt something like that.

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This is absolutely amazing for a single player exclusive.

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