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Here's what, i'll admit to your statement making any sense the day a company goes out of their way to announce a character is a white hetrosexual male christian. Until that day comes i'm gonna have to call BS on your statement.

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Ok, it seems microsoft does own a small percentage of the company still.

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How is that possible when sony got the marketing deals and first access to dlc for destiny? Where did you get that info from?

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Seeing now that you've been called out on your obvious deceptiveness by Gameseeker, will you respond or are you just going to pretend not to see his response?

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i'm gonna bet it's them joining sony world wide studios.

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God of War. Apart from it being one of the most exciting fun filled games of the year, it was also a surprisingly great change from the standard gameplay of the other games in the series.

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Onimusha remaster, that topped it for me.

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sony not being at e3 2019

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I would have to say cd projekt red for the simple fact that they created an awesome game that was a full complete rpg experience that wasn't completely broken at launch. They also get bonus points for releasing great dlc content that was better, longer and more complete for a fraction of the cost than most AAA game titles being released right now.

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I'm gonna have to say EA. Not because they are the biggest scam artist in gaming, but because their games consistently fall short of anything that feels even remotely complete. From battlefront to battlefield to mass effect. it seems like they are quite happy to be churning out buggy, half baked, incomplete messes that makes you end up paying more than double what they're actually worth with God awful microtransactions.

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Troy Baker

That is all.

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don't know his name but whoever the hell voiced Gary in Day one: Gary's incident. He sounded like he recorded that entire script while on the toilet.

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My unpopular opinion would be David Cage. Yeah yeah I know he's worked on some pretty well known and liked games, however, his titles are also what you would call niche and a lot of people debate whether his games can be considered games at all. I think he's a genius writer and creates some of the best set designs in gaming. I think he gets a lot more hate than he deserves.

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I'm gonna have to say Tim Schaffer. I honestly do not know and will never know why he's so praised and what the heck is so special about his games.

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Oh good God Nooj wins that hands down. His costume looks hideous and I'm sorry but it just doesn't fit into any of the FF series lore.

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Dante from devil may cry. There's a reason his character from the original games was so popular. His hair style and clothing perfectly matched his slick and cool attitude.

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RPG's. the sheer amount of content in a good rpg like final fantasy, fallout and skyrim can easily take you over a hundred hours to complete. games like fallout and skyrim give you so many options you can easily play those games 3 times over and have a different experience every time. You definitely feel like you get your money's wort with a good rpg.

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Microtransactions, the bane of the gaming industry. that includes lootboxes.

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I would say the ability to switch between first person and third person view. I know some games do allow it and I know that there are other games that are just built to be played from one particular view, however, I think there are alot of games out there that would benefit from that mechanic. Fallout is a good example of how that can be implemented and actually work well especially in RPG games.

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