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"this might be a surprise but some people actually like and thrive with competition"

OH CRAP!!! Did you actually just say that? Are you being serious? Do you know NOTHING about the history of microsoft? If you look up the name microsoft in the dictionary you may see this as the definition:

Microsoft -
1. to buy out biggest competitors in the market in order to monopolize an industry.
2. To abhor Competition.

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I'm sorry but, people like you are the problem.

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I'm confused, is this review a joke? Did this imbecile just write a tediously long extremely boring review just to somehow, in her warped brain, link it to capitalism in order to say capitalism is evil? Or did I read that entire review wrong? Can someone clear this up for me?

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"make every character/creature into stick figures"
Then you'll be offending people with anorexia. You're sounding pretty anorexiaphobic to me there dude.

"okay maybe make every living object in every game into a generic floating orb"
That doesn't sound very inclusive and diverse to me bub. why are you marginalizing other shapes? what about cuboid shapes or hexagonal shapes? you seem to be very shapeaphobic buddy.

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Apparently offensive to Microsoft is having the username xxjesusislordxx seeing they just banned a guy for having that name.

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"You don't have an example of anyone losing access to their digital games because they used the wrong pronoun."

No I don't but that is not the point. The point is that using the wrong pronoun IS considered hate speech in a lot of places and you can be banned from social media platforms for doing it. How long before it reaches online gaming communities?

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"Please stop. We all know what hate speech is and hate is never "vague""
"hate speech is clear and we all know what it is."

I have absolutely no idea what world you're living in. It's definitely not this planet.

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He lost access to everything.

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"I mean if he was sending racist messages do Sony just ban him from communicating with people? (if that's even possible)"

Yes it is. My point is they could have banned him from accessing online play, that's exactly what happens if you don't have a ps+ account, you can't access the online features.I would have had no issues if they banned him for a month from accessing online gaming but not blocking him from accessing his ...

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Ok, I didn't know that. I don't play these sports games so I couldn't tell. I guess that's fair seeing that you can't use obscene language on a real sports field either.

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It is not about whether or not he should have been banned or whether or not what he said was hate speech, it's about someone loosing access to their entire library for doing something wrong online. Yes, the things he said is considered hate speech but so is using the wrong pronoun. How the hell is it right to lose access to your gaming library, sp games and all, that you may have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for over making nasty comments online? Block him from playing online so ...

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You could be right. It may have been a week, I'm not sure but my point still stands. Doesn't matter if it was a week, month or day, the overall point is that banning someone from accessing their entire library for breaking a rule online regarding 'hate speech' is way overboard.

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WOW!!!! I didn't even know about that one. As someone who is completely against obscene language I totally disagree with this. Gaming companies are now policing what you can say in the privacy of your own house? Is this clip real?

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Your comment confuses me. He wouldn't have gotten banned for making racist comments in a single player game. He was playing an online game, he harassed people online, therefore ban him from accessing online play.

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Your comment makes no sense.

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I'm beginning to think you're not actually a real person. You've got to be some sort of new AI google is testing, trying to see how well it can auto answer questions and make statements so it can apply it to stadia somehow in the future.

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Oh don't worry, I'm sure sony is reading this and will immediately start working on a port for xbox just because of you. Yep, Your refusal to buy a ps4 and miss out on all their great exclusives just because of your loyalty to microsoft is definitely gonna sway them to bring MLB to xbox. You just keep diligently expressing all over the internet how badly you want to play this but won't because it's on the ps and I'm sure sony will realize the errors of their ways.

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"You all just say that because you were not portred as a bad stereotypenin a game. There's no shooter where The hero kill americans. There's no war game where muslins are not terrorists. There's no fighting game where woman is not over sexualized. There's no strategy game where colonization is showed as a crime like it was. All these exemples are glorified prejudice and bigotry."

You're spouting utter tripe. As a christia...

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That's not blasphemous.

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