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Let me fix this for you:

"Everythings great about this, Microsoft aren't great with hardware, simple as. The the xbox 360 is unreliable as hell, having the RROD was a chore and most people had to buy two or three. The xbox one also looked looked big and clumsy when it was demoed everywhere. Microsoft were kings in the days of Windows xp and windows 7 but as gaming has become more and more financially profitable, microsofts money whoring and lack of care for customer...

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Before everyone starts going crazy please watch this video eL8mc

It can easily be done.

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Happy to oblige: Disagree pressed.

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GOOD GOD.....DAMN YOU SONY!!!!! Do you have any idea how many extra working hours I'm gonna have to put in between now and December just to enjoy christmas???? I'm getting it ALL!!!!!!

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My ps4 brothers and sisters, don't hate me for saying this but, WHO CARES. Don't get me wrong, I think titan fall looks like an awesome game and if it comes out for the ps4 then great i'll definitely get it but from the games i've seen that are coming out for the ps4 for the first couple of months, it blows my mind to think what we can expect for the next couple of years.

If EA wants to be a dollar an hour hooker for microsoft then good for them. I will be mo...

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The game looks awesome and I hope it does well but this is the problem with the gaming industry right here. No company should spend this kind of money behind a video game regardless of the title. When companies do this and the game does not recuperate the money it took to make it the public and used game sales get blamed. This is the argument devs and microsoft were using to justify all that DRM bs. Gaming companies must find a way to make quality games without spending this kind of money oth...

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@ SirGarrick

I think you misinterpreted his comment. :-)

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That's where you are absolutely wrong. Marc Cerney stated that it will take devs about 4 years to learn to fully develop for the ps4 because of the customizations done on the system. It is not a straight forward thing. Both systems have special customizations to their hardware that will need to be learnt. The problem for the xbox is with all the customizations done to both systems, the ps4 still has the better specs.

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People are just not getting it. The problem with past cod games was not the lack of dedicated servers, the problem was BAD PROGRAMMING. Regardless of how much dedicated servers there are if the game is not coded properly then it just won't work. Infinity ward and microsoft are trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes.

Black ops 2 had dedicated servers on PC and still PC players were complaining about bad hit detection and lag comp. MW2 had no dedicated servers and yet ...

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"the tremendous success of Xbox 360, as the most purchased and played console of the current generation."

The minute I saw this line I stopped reading. Nothing to see here.

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@ ashahab862

That pic made me laugh so hard!! ROFL!!!

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I need to ask, to all the people saying she is talking lies and trolling, what exactly in her comment is a lie and why are people calling it trolling?

A number of people made very aggressive comments but did not make a single point to show where she was wrong. Telling someone they are lying without actually saying anything to prove otherwise is somewhat ridiculous.

I'm not looking for an argument here I'm just trying to understand the situation.

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@ Death

Let me fix your post:

Specs on paper (and and actual real hardware): PS4
Multiplats: Both
Restrictions: Care to give an example here? (All the ones that they are patching into dormancy but many feel will rear their ugly head again one day)
F2P: PS4 I agree, Sony is winning the fee to play category. If you like this model, Godbless.(And many many people do so I don't see why the "Godbless" was necessary. Maybe you...

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@ Rhinoceros

Oh, and concerning that NDA you mentioned, once microsoft didn't sign that, nothing and no one could stop them from mentioning anything about the tech in their system. An NDA only has power over the people who signed it and based on what you stated, microsoft didn't sign it.

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@ Rhinoceros

Ok, so, I feel compelled to respond to your fanaticism. First off, All those hidden specs and additional features you were touting are not going to make it a power house over sony. Why do I say that? Because if you watch any of Marc Cerney's videos where he is talking about the ps4, and by the way he is the guy who designed the thing, you would hear when he says that when developing for the ps4 it would be easy to learn but difficult to master.

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@ Death

At no point did I say that sony was a saint. Where in my post did I say sony was a victim? Stating the obvious was simply that, stating the obvious. Whether or not it makes sony look like a victim it does not make it any less true.

What does a situation that happened 15 years ago have to do with the topic at hand? Is it that what sony did 15 years ago makes what EA is doing now not true? I fail to see your argument.

Is sony a saint? H...

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Agreed, and in no way was I trying to justify it, all I was stating is why people, even after reading the article, would still only focus on the microsoft part.

Even though the writer had his own agenda, after reading the article most people would still see EA as being 80% pro xbox one, because it's true.

Make no mistake, EA also supporting the PS4 has nothing to to with relationship or because they aren't bias, it's ...

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@Septic & No_Limit

The reason why, even though he did also mention sony, people will only see microsoft is that there is a blatant favored collaboration between microsoft and EA and anyone who says that that isn't true is either blind or mentally challenged.

And just to put things in perspective for the people who don't know, Peter Moore used to be the Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division and Don...

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Let me tell you something, the fact that that guy has so many people on his blog agreeing with the utter and absolute BULLSHIT he is posting, bullshit that has no truth to it or proof to back it up whatsoever shows you the lengths that people will go through to defend something they want to feel good about.

The people that are on his site or the people in forums that link to his site and believe the things he posts are beyond reason, You CANNOT ...

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Please please tell me that you are not that much of a moron or that horrendously gullible to believe anything that was stated in this article? To even believe anything other than this article being written by a twelve year old who believes he needs to defend his favorite system, is lunacy.

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