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I can't actually say. I think in some scenes it looks better on the demo and in some it looks better on the released game. I think the trees look a lot better in the demo but the overall atmosphere looks better on the released game. I won't call this an upgrade or a downgrade, it's more like a redesign.

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"And if SONY as they are now used to will abandon all gamers of the last generation PS4"

Let me get this straight........You're accusing SONY of abandoning gamers of previous generations???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OH BOY.......THAT'S RICH LOLOLOOLOLOLOLOL!!! *sniff, sniff* Damn dude, It's way too early in the morning for that level of insanity. No but seriously, you're trolling right? RIGHT????

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A handful of people got GTA banned in Australia. A handful of people have been responsible for the censoring of numerous Japanese games when they hit the west. A handful of people were responsible for the changing of character designs in both street fighter and Overwatch. The real problem aren't the ones who make a deal out of the complaints of a handful of people, it's the ones who brush it off and say we shouldn't be making a deal out of it in the firs...

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Who the hell exactly are they blaming in the article? Or did you just decide to pull that accusation out your.......................... .pie hole? reading the bloody article before making crap comments helps a lot.

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The reason why both him and you are getting more down votes is due to the fact that you both are talking crap and obviously did not read the article.What blame game are they playing exactly? Who are they blaming in the article and what are they blaming them for? Read the damn article THEN comment. They aren't throwing blame at anyone.

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What the hell is wrong with you? Are you some sort of idiot or something? You come into a PS plus article and talk about a bloody movie. You then proceeded to give away the entire plot as if anyone asked you for it. Are you so bored with your Xbox that you have to try and ruin everything else for everyone? People like you are freaking toxic.

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What the hell are you talking about? what desperation?

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Wow....... Just.... Wow........

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I don't need to read this article to know I will be adding that site to my block list.

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........................sigh.. ....................

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You sound bitter, want a cookie?

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Yes, you can get office for mac now but that's only because office has changed and is now also cloud based. Before when you had to have a copy of windows to run office it would have been suicide for them to make a mac version. Now, because you have a cloud based service it is in their interest to get people on other platforms to buy into the subscription, this would not have happened if office remained strictly software based. This is one of the areas w...

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Hogwash. Show me those gamers and show me where they make statements to Indicate that. Who the hell won't buy a multiplatform game because it isn't exclusive. Your troll level is over 9000!!

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Where in the blog was Sony mentioned? I'm sure you're a rational and unbiased individual................... /

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1: Please link me to where I can download a copy of Office for Mac computers that is made by Microsoft.

2: How the heck is bluray and digital storefronts in competition to HBO? Are you serious?

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"support games, stop supporting faceless companies like they are your pals because they think excluding others somehow makes your experience greater."

And you need to stop acting like they are your pals therefore they have some sort of obligation to you to put THEIR bloody games on the platform of YOUR choice. They don't owe you a damn thing. You refuse to support them by buying their system but you want them to support you by placing their exclusives on a com...

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This is one of those extremely rare occasions that I don't agree with you. Microsoft needs to be ridiculed, not just by us but by everyone. Their comment was classless and tactless, and they need to know when to stop and call it a day. Taking potshots at the competition that is demolishing you in sales is absolutely ridiculous and microsoft needs to get a clear message that that is a foolish move. Who the hell is their PR guy? He needs to be fired.

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