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I mean this with the utmost sincerity, get some help. Read your post over again and if you still don't see anything wrong with the fact that you made that comment, then move out of your parents basement and get a job and a spouse. Hopefully that would fix whatever form of extreme immaturity you're suffering from.

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Extremely underrated comment.

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Whats the issue with the ps4 pro version? I ordered my copy but haven't received it as yet. Can you let me know what to expect?

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Every time I hear someone say they don't care about politics in gaming I lmao because that statement is a load of horse$**t. You mean you don't care about THAT political issue. Everyone has a political threshold they won't cross. it's only a matter of time when one day someone inputs a political view into a game that you find so abhorrent that you'll refuse to give that company your money. Don't fool yourself, I have seen sociopaths that draw the ...

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"unbiased reporting in America, probably the only one left, AKA NPR (National Public Radio) "

I honestly don't mean this as an insult or anything but, you're being sarcastic here right?

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What the hell is the point of this article?

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That fan literally looks just like the fan in my car's air condition system. That's insane. The ps5 will probably run cool in almost any situation.

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"Black kids need heroes to look up to as well," i'm black so please DO NOT speak for me, I grew up reading comic books since the 1970's and not once dd ever say "Boy I sure wish there were more black heroes I can identify with". I grew up putting towels around my neck and pretending I was flying through the house like superman, I would run around punching old wooden doors pretending I was the hulk and one time I literally almost seriously injured m...

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What the hell does that have to do with his review of the game? Regardless of whether his review is fair or not?

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I strongly advise that you remove or edit out the spoilers in this comment or it will be marked as spam and you'll get penalized. You didn't have to say that.

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If you think the outrage is about who ellie loves then you're clueless and in for a rude awakening when you play that game.

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This should be the shortest article ever written.

The case against streaming:
You don't own your games and without the internet you're screwed, the end. Thanks for reading my article.

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Mristerx? Is that you???

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I have one that describes this article: GARBAGE

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This is a better headline for this article: "Site that tries to control how their readers think by manipulating them with fake news and extremely bias articles complains about other sites that try to control what their viewers see by manipulating them with fake trends and bias marketing"

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Buy another disc? or do you think that every copy all over the world has been sold?

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"the games are very different. It's not fair to compare actually"

Let me get this straight. you said an entire article comparing the two in order to show how one is vastly superior to the other is legit and then you say in the comment section that they are two games are totally different and shouldn't be compared? Then what is the point of this article? Good God...................

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