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I would be worried about getting a splinter...

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I fear this game is a culmination of all the hate and backlash that cinematic/linear games have been getting since around when UC3 came out. Skyrim came out that same month and it feels like this unnecessary need for everything to be open world has been created. It's easy if you think the game is too linear then don't buy it. But this idea that linear/cinamatic = bad and open world = good is silly. They're just two different expriences, some of them good, some of them bad. I woul...

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This the biggest problem with the games press. There is obvious corruption, but it's way more subtle and implied. EA and other big publishers do not go to these publications with giant sacks of cash and hand it over for a 9 or 10. A lot of people in the press and industry are pretty close friends, so it's harder to have honest criticism that way. And I'm not even saying that these journalist consciously do this.

Also with a lot of these big games there has to be a...

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MS isn't going to make a few more bucks. Seeing as how they don't own the IP and they're not publishing the PC port.

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What does this mean for the PokeBank app? I downloaded it but haven't used it yet.

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Gameinformer gave it a six, the prospects for this game aren't looking to good. Plus the embargo doesn't lift until the 25th, which is the release date for the game, that's always a troubling sign.

This is kind of sad considering the first one was a good game with a few problems in my eyes. Problems that could have been ironed out in a sequel.

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I usually don't really care about stuff like this, but after all the bad news for Sony I'm glad to see there's a bright spot for them. Plus I think the PS3 has been an amazing console.

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Great job Warren!!

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It means some characters from Namco's fighting games are probably going to be in it.

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He actually says in the video UC2 is his favorite game of all time...

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If Silicon hadn't started this stupid battle, Too Human would have been much better. Seeing as how SK wouldn't of had to rebuild the entire game on a new engine.

I still want a Too Human 2.

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@ Yeah I think so, Ghost of Sparta is easily equal to GoW 2, if not a bit better. Also if the general Vita consumer base just accepts the status quo of these games just being average, but it's justified by said games being cheaper and on a handheld, then Vita games won't improve as much as they should.

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I just got the game home...

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Son of a Bitch, this was the other game besides Bioshock that I was really looking forward to. I hope the Last of Us has a really good showing at E3, or this year is going to be pretty average.

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BulletStorm had the Gears Beta, but it was barely promoted, I hardly remember any ads, on TV, the internet, in Gamestop etc. And even if the Gears Beta really was the big push for this game, it didn't help, Bulletstorm barely sold a million copies on 3 platforms.

Alice may have been a bad game, but again EA still didn't promote it at all, they just threw it to the wolves and let it die. Sometimes bad games do sell, look at Operation Raccoon City, or Ninja Gaiden 3.

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I'm just afraid EA is going to throw this one to the wolfs, like a lot of their EA partners titles. Shadows of the Damned, Bulletstorm, and Alice, were all released last year and got little exposure or marketing, and the sales slumped from that.

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Looks like my next Vita Platinum.

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So you still spent 90% of your time playing multiplats on PS3?

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Another thing about Sony and Microsoft not making the games, when they buy out a studio, that studio is under their computer entertainment division, those are Sony and Microsoft employees, so yes they do make the games.

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