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Not only that but if MS make COD exclusive anyway that removes a huge competetor off the console with the largest market share. Cause they won't make much money putting GTA on GP.

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That is the thing will it drive console sales with GP you don't have to buy the console. I think they will sell just like they have been selling but if it goes exclusive look at Halo as an example of what it will look like. I think they need the PS users to buy the game for it to continue to keep people into it.

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COD will have to stay multiplatform I think Sony is tripping off the exclusives they will lose not losing the whole game. MS would be stupid to pull from Sony that is about the only way it would make money off of it going forward with it being on GP they would have to bank on people leaving PS5 and coming to GP that will happen but not as much as people think.

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I guess yall know more than the devs lol. We have already had a few devs speak on this. They say it is and they make the games so that is what they say it is. If you don't make games you can't say they are wrong, you have no clue again unless you are a game developer who has experence working on these platforms. I really hate how everyone in the comments all of a sudden are more professional than the actual professinals lol. When we have devs standing up for XBSS then you can say that...

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I honestly don't think MS can do that they don't have enough xboxes out there on top of that right now MS is making all their money off other devs cause you are more likely to get GP for COD than any MS game that is out right now. If all studios decided not to put their games on GP MS would be in major trouble due to them not having any games out. This is how MS make money off GP right now you pay them to play a game they didnt even make.Phil said it himself last week there are not en...

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People want to be hard on Sony for going down the GAAS path. Yet MS basically did the same thing did they not turn their biggest 1st party game into a GAAS (HALO)? So they are making most of their money from companies putting their games on GP, cause they are not putting out enough games to justify GP. I hope people realize when MS starts to produce games from these studios they bought if you don't think they are not going to raise the price of GP you are crazy. Cause they should have a b...

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I agree, I feel like it's more Sony's response to backward compatibility than to game pass IMO at least with the top tier. I wish people stop comparing the two and not sure why Sony is not doing day-in-date games how can you be mad at them. That business model would kill Sony and it will hurt MS at some point. I am sorry but GP sucks right now MS is not putting out enough content for day in date to be worth anything. Now in 3 to 5 years when the studios they just bought is putting out...

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I see a lot of consolidation hate, which I can understand but in today's times every industry is being consolidated, Gaming, movies, tech. My question to all of you is would you rather see these companies crash and burn and we never see these IPs again or an MS or Sony buy them? Some say they hate Sony bought Bungie I did too but then thought about it the person at Bungie said the deal will now allow them to hire more people so they can work on more things at once is that not good for us ...

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Remember Destiny is supposed to go for 10 years? Well, that 10 years almost up wonder if they will move on or not. I would think they would want to move on to another game. In their statement they did mention Sony buying them will allow them to grow so they can still work on Destiny and make something else.

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Everyone who thinks this is the end of Sony is kidding this isn't all good on MS side either. Their GP subs aren't where they want them to be and they need to get moving this will help a lot but now they need even more subs.

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This is all true but keeps in mind it can also backfire. As a Sony fan, this is interesting and smart all MS has to do is get the subs up. I feel at some point MS will stop making consoles then they aren't directly competing with Sony and we may at one point see GP on a Sony platform.

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I get what he is saying in 3 to 5 years Xbox should have like 40 to 50 exclusive games lol. They don't really need 3rd party anymore but great for gamepass. This model is tricky and I give it to MS for giving it a go. At some point I don't think there will be an xbox and gamepass will be on PS console we will see though.

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To be honest, Sony needs to buy Konami's IP, they are not doing anything with any of it anyway. It would benefit the gaming industry. Sony has a bunch of brand new 3rd party studios working on new IP exclusive to PS5.

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I understand being happy for MS but to try and say Sony is dead now is very childish to say lol. Let's not forget just because MS is doing better than Sony as a whole company Playstation division is whooping Xbox division ass on every level. People on this site make it seem like people who play only COD outnumber gamers that play everything lol.

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Sony gaming division is propping up the whole Sony company it is doing very well lets not forget they are buying studios also, they are just buying studios they have a track record making hit games with. MS is buying studios with a lot of IP to grow the gamepass which makes sense. If Activision Blizzard was doing as well as you say why did they sell? Are you telling me they were willing to sell rather than fix their public image? Nope, all those huge franchises are not doing as well as they w...

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@ Nitrowolf2 look at Chevalier comment COD is not that big a deal. Like seriously how many millions of people have the PS4 and PS5? How many of them do you really think is going to ditch their console? You will have people who have PS4 not moving to PS5 but again it would take 10 to 20 million people to sell off their PS hardware or not purchase any other software for this to hurt Sony I might be wrong but I doubt that's going to happen. This will suck for a lot of gamers and you will hav...

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I think Sony will be getting more exclusives due to publishers not wanting their games on gamepass day 1. They can get a huge check from MS but I think MS would rather spend that money like this buying studios with major IP they can throw on their service and keep. So this will kinda make the industry more exclusive driven like it or not. I don't think Sony is having to knock on any doors or pay huge amounts of money to get exclusives because so many people are sc...

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I agree, COD is exclusive to Xbox\PC and available day 1 for what 5.99 a month I don't see that happening if it does it won't be yearly releases. I think this will be competing more with steam than Sony or Nintendo but even then I am not sure how they plan on making their money back they will need a large number of subs. Unless they really start to dumb the games down which would be sad as hell, does DLC come free to gamepass as well COD is known for the DLC how will that work?

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What are you talking about COD is not Sony's bread and butter. First off people are not going to ditch a PS5 for COD and those who do the numbers are not high enough to hurt Sony. This will suck for a lot of people on PS that play COD but in no way is this going to hurt Sony lol.

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@Michiel1989 "Since you say this article is bait, tell me how this author or any article for that matter can have a critical take on PSVR2 without being bait/trolling or whatever you feel like calling"
By waiting until the actual reveal to comment. The author to me is assuming that Sony has not learned from the first PSVR. This is an opinion piece so there is really no right or wrong except he is jumping to conclusions super early and they are far from facts. You may feel a...

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