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We don't know how difficult it will be. You might have to completely strip down the device to do it.

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That's if you got the disc-based console.

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They must mean next Christmas because they would have to take into account that the supplies are constrained and every console produced will sell. When a normal person can walk into a store and pick one up, that's when you will be able to see who's selling better.

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It wasn't even a build that was running on the Series X. It was running on a comparable PC. 4 months away from release and we haven't even seen a game running on a Series X.

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Just wait till the Yellowstone super volcano blows up. This is the year for it to happen.

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@caddytrek hit the nail on the head. Why do you think MS was being so vague about 1 to 2 years? It's because if a majority of their gamepass users dont make the next gen jump, they will continue to develop for the One S and One X.

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This reminds me of the Power of the Cloud bullshit. They say no bottlenecks but go with a split RAM solution.

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Rare. Enough said.

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Wow, it's so surprising to hear that Randy Pitchford is a giant piece of shit. /s

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He explains in the comments below the blogpost.

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Genesis does what Nintendon't.

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I think they are implying that. A bunch of insiders are saying they are close enough that only digital foundry will be able to pick apart any differences in games.

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I would gladly make chum out of this guy.

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Totally agree. I'm just glad the toxic little simpletons aren't playing the game because they probably wouldn't even be playing the objective anyways.

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It warms my heart to come here and see the comments for killing and maiming the KKK. I thought I might see defending comments.

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""""" Games""""&q uot;

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I think the bigger problem here is ignorance. With grammar like that I'm amazed you even know how to turn on a computer.

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Bungie is not the same company that they were with Halo. Most of the people with talent/principles left years ago.

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Well to be honest a lot of us bought Destiny 2 because they had really turned Destiny 1 around and thought that those additions would carry over to Destiny 2. Boy, were we wrong.

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Netflix wiped them out. Redbox just sealed the deal.

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