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I think most xbox 1x owners would be mad lol. I see them doing it though to get a jump start on Sony next gen. Thats the only chance they have to have a lead for awhile.

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Dont have either so its a win for me.

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lol I already knew I was going to get alot of disagrees, if you say anything negative against a popular franchise that is what happens.

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thats because wild west is boring. Plus im betting they havent fixed the controls either

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No at this point. With the patents that Sony are doing its pretty much a given a ps5 wlll at least play ps4 games maybe even ps1-ps4

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Rumor is next xbox coming at this yrs E3. If true I think Sony may release around holiday this year or early 2020. Either way I'm not ready just got my platinum for God of War still have long backlog.

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Playing this game right now and "Boy" is it amazing. I think Im either halfway or near the end just rescued Atreus.

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if Joel is just a side character in this one then Ive lost interest. Not interested in playing the lesbian of us.

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the ai said not today lol

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Ryo looks much better. This will be my goty.

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Release a half finished game expect half profit lol i will get it when firestorm and co op comes

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Thats what they get for waiting to put in on ps4

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Great games just like this gen

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Sony is the silent killer, let the games do the talking.

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And then the dream was over

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Good i dont have for honor or hitman

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They need to, since Sony not coming.

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dlc is just cut content that shoulda been in game day one. Especially when they talk about dlc before the games even out.This is why its rare i buy games day 1. If i get the game at say 30 i can use other 30 for dlc if I choose. It dosent take long for price drop. Need another article called im sick of patches lol

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So far out of the ones Ive played I like 5 the most. Im sure will prob change with 2 3 or 4

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nope I started with 5 on ps3 then 6 then 1. I hope they remake 3 and 4. I was like idk on 7 cause new characters, also in first person, I still may give it a try.

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