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If ryo fights Lan di presently he would get destroyed. He couldn't even lay a hand on Xiuying. I'm assuming Lan di > Xiuying. https://www.youtube.com/wat... .Ryo needs to call Xiuying for help lol. My hope is that they haven't cut anything out. Maybe Ryo learns something in shenmue 3 or dosent even fight Lan di. Either way cant wait.

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Gran turismo 7

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Before I change mine, Im going to make sure Ive gotten the trophies 100 percent complete so I wont lose progress of trophies just in case. Hmm uncharted 4 listed as having issues but lost legacy not confused thought they were same game unless it's for the trophies not online

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For starters get rid of Jonah hes useless

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I didnt enjoy this one as much as the other two but still got the platinum

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I still need to pick this up slowly catching up on my backlog

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April fools is tomorrow

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It sucked plus still no info on name change

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Cant wait for this. In the background you can kinda see other characters one looks like a girl other looks part robot. I hope Adam is in this one.

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Own your games (Sony) or not own your games (Google). Easy Sony not to mention the games Sony will offer

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now that it's half off and firestorm is here guess I will pick it up

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Boy! for $300

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For the queen I used maxed out blades cause the axe was getting me killed because by the time you throw it she already attacking. I let her attack me then counter with blades, If you rush her chances are she will do that blinding attack and it takes more than half of your health and you cant block it, which is why i raged lol.
Even he did all this damage and she still killed him with that attack but thankfully he had that revive stone.
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Once you start its hard to stop collecting trophies. Even though I recently raged at the flying crow enemies in horizon and the queen Valkyrie in God of War. I got the plat for both and now have 55 platinums started on PS3.

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Guessing this article was written by a female. Off topic but I remember the lines from that scene in the pic lol.
Marlowe. I merely want whats mine takes the ring from Drake. Drake stands up and says gimmie that back. Cutter shoots Drake. Marlowe says Cutter! Cutter says what?

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they need to remake this one too

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Hating already

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Its always about the money lol

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got the complete edition for $9.99 worth every penny

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