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More exclusives, focus on hardcore, momentum from ps4= easy win with ps5. As long as its not more than $500

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Good soccer is boring, but I already got the plat for heavy and detroit

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Usually 2 GT's per console but I think this time GT7 will be a launch ps5 title. If they have the traditional campaign and GTS as the online, GT7 will be the best GT

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42 for part 1 then another 42 for part 2 no thanks ill wait till ps5 and get the complete edition

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currently downloading

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Considering how they just abandoned uncharted 4 multiplayer and left it with bugs and glitches in particular co op arena enemies falling threw the map on village lol. If its not the same team that worked on the first the last of us it would be a good thing not to have it.

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At this point I think Microsoft just doesn't care about beating Sony. Meanwhile Sony is getting more studious lol

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yep the reason E3 was boring

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Another dumb move first release it near Ps5, and now tell the price. Did they not learn from this gen lol. I will say that new controller is a win but expensive.

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Looks like I'll be waiting for the complete edition, no need to rush been waiting all this time

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It was Microsoft's time to shine and they blew it. I wish I hadn't watched the whole thing

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It will dominate with low sales

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I thought Microsoft would be smart and release it this year to get ahead start on Sony, but looks like another win for Sony.

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good cant wait to see more

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I'm glad didnt need it soon as classes begin lol. Plus its obvious its to make it better, they are putting alot into it. As long as they dont release it near the last of us 2.

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waw my fav great campaign even with all the nades on hardest difficulty and plus best zombies

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It will be same pattern as ps3-ps4. Last of us 2 on ps4 and ps5

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One of my fav shooters, Valor ftw. I remember in the beginning, I was sniping with the M60 machine gun getting headshots across the map lol. If any game gets remastered it should be this.

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yes so glad I waited on Sonic Mania

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the first one is still the best one

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