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clearly you dont

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@hawkeye98 This is a real Villain.

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Rafe wasn't a great villain. He wasn't even threatening till the end. Everything he did was because he was being told to do so by Nadine. Honestly Nadine was more a threat than Rafe lol.

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Uncharted 4 was the worst of the series. Its like Nathan has already retired hes not even into the adventure. If it werent for Sam there wouldn't have been an uncharted 4 lol. On top of that theres way to much boring walking talking,and climbing. Which is why Uncharted 2 then 1 are my favs. Plenty of gunfights and action. Even lost legacy felt more like an uncharted game than uncharted 4. Train reminded me of uncharted 2.

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oh ok I see now it makes since, this the part where he saves the girl from Chai on the boat before he gets to hong kong.

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Im hoping thats just the scene you get if you lose to him. Ryo should be able to beat him with his eyes closed now.

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Are you serious Ryo gets beaten by Chai again.

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I'm surprised Ferrari is in the game

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I havent bought a nfs in awhile, ima give this one a go though. 16 player online sounds interesting

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I liked 13 the best then lightning returns, I didnt like the time travel in 13-2

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ill take the red camo

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If your going to try to correct someone you should do some research. This game is broken into atleast two parts.
44 for part one up to Midgar then another part 2 for the rest clearly its not a full game if its broken into parts.

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tempting if it was the full game

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these days I dont trust devs to deliver a complete game at launch so I wait for sales

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looks like I'll be getting this cod on sale ofcoarse

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Sony is going to use this as an excuse to increase prices. So much for the ps5 being consumer friendly. Not sure why they are warning us when they are the ones mostly effected we won't be paying $700 for a ps5

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was already excited for this game now even more

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Nothing like going to the store and buying games.

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We already seen what games Sony has coming so it was no need for them to show it again. It was smart. There is no way they will miss E3 2020 with PS5 coming though.

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lol really chai is back again. Hes really becoming annoying. Since ryo has gotten stronger he should beat him with one punch if ryo still struggles with Chai it wouldnt make since for him to fight Lan Di.

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