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Still the best one

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Ofcoarse they aren't just look at how many people bought the unfinished part 1 lol like I've been saying I'll be waiting for the complete edition on ps5. This game may have destiny beat in terms of $$$ for the complete game

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Thinking about going with Lamborghini or dodge leaning toward Lambo cause they did some changes to 4wd

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Res 3 was rushed to get $$$ No competition ff7 now if it had been res 2 remake that would have been a better comparison

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nope still going to wait for the complete edition.If theres 3-4 parts thats $180 or $240 for the full game. Assuming they will charge $60 for every part. I can wait till ps5

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I know ima get disagrees but they should remaster ff13 next

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One you need ps plus the other need to download the ff7 remake demo it's free

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Downloaded it I like it better than the one for downloading the demo

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This gives them time to release a complete game with both campaign and multiplayer day one

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I thought it was obvious res 3 wasn't going to be as good as res 2. Res 2= 4yrs to make vs Res 3 =1yr

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Wow lol uc4 came out in 2016 they know everyone done played that by now Sony wrong for that lol on the plus side if something happens to my disc, will have a backup

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If Sony offered bc for ps1-ps3 there would be no need for ps now. Gotta remember it's about $$$.

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10.3 no wonder they were quiet

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It was my first FF loved it and got the plat.Was hoping for a remaster

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The fact that Joel is being pushed away has me worried. Joel is the main reason the first one was good.

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Meh the free one for downloading the demo is good enough for me

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It's all about $$$ and it's taken this long I can wait a bit longer for the complete edition they do need to put part 1 in the title though

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It pays to wait I don't have either so definitely a good month for me

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Wow just confirmed my buy with online I was still getting it without it but this is perfect

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I would like to see Shadow

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