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You mean the paid 10's lol. If everything's fine why is there a petition to remake the last of us story 2 story. 29,000 and counting

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This is what happens when it's just Druckmann and no Bruce. I wonder if there will even be a multi-player at this point.

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They going to try to force the digital on us by making it 100 dollars cheaper than disc. I'm still getting the disc version, this may be the last one.

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In terms of difficulty I'm guessing 4 will be like 3 and be easy

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It coulda been called lesbian love

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This takes milking to another level lol 3 gens that's crazy

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I just noticed it has missions. If it's like gt4 missions, too good to be true

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Honestly it does look like a router lol but I don't care not buying it for looks horizon ratchet and gt7 = win

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Wow just what I wanted the layout reminds me of gt4

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Glad I got tomorrow off

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I really hope it's a traditional Gran Turismo 7 and not GT Sport 2.

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The only thing they won is last place

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That's going to make it easy

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Exactly why you shouldn't buy games day one

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Well considering most people aren't working I doubt people are going to run out and buy a $500 ps5 or xbox. I'd say delay it till beginning of next year but show off console around holidays

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Good move too much going on got the rona plus racism to deal with

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I'm glad it wasn't spiderman I recently just got it on sale lol Def gonna try battlefront 2

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It's priced at $399 which is the same price as a regular ps4 pro. I'm sure the masses can afford that lol

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A bit late when ps5 is right around the corner, unless you don't plan on getting ps5 for a few years.

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Next ff13 remake lightning look like cloud

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