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yeah waw had the best zombies, if they remastered waw with zombies id buy it

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looks bland to me if that's the real one, ill be keeping my god of war pro.

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wow yeah glad i didnt wait

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why would you want to post numbers when your losing.

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its not because of the specs its because adults wouldn't be bringing their console on say a road trip. The adult would be driving and hand their kid a switch and tell them to shut up while driving lol. I'm going to the grocery store to buy some food oh wait I need to bring my swtich so i can ask some people while im shopping if they want to play.

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no the switch is for kids lol

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At $29 you get both shenmue I and II thats a definite day one buy for me.

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not until after the last of us 2 or unless they make the last of us 2 a launch ps5 game

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Since the xb1x is not killing the ps4 theres no need for sony to rush the ps5 out. Plus im getting my god of war bundle on the 20th.

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I never played spyro as a kid but i will be trying this

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I think we will see ps5 after the last of us 2 on ps4. On a side note I think sony should save some exclusives for the launch of ps5 lol.

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I sent my white ps4 pro back and pre ordered the god of war bundle

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id rather have new tracks, the same tracks are getting boring. If they would just add la sarthe id be good.

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Yuji Naka

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Yes been waiting for this

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wow just went from buy to no buy in one day lol no sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles not sure what Sega was thinking

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One would hope the next generation game would have better animation etc. That dosent mean the story is better.

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Uncharted 4 was walking/ climbing simulator compared to uncharted 2 which Hennig was a part off.

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alot of people have left ND makes me wonder how their next game will be

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name change probably E3

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