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Ill be getting this when its on sale

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still no name change, well guess theres still time before psx

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I wish Mag would come back, but Zipper is gone.

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why would Sega make a full remake when shenmue I and II didnt sell well and cost them alot of money. Yeah lets put alot of money into this full remake and hope it will sell this time. This remake was for the fans

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I also have a backlog but will def be getting this but I dont want to get it till its perfect.

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yes I hated those time challenges

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hope it has online co op

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I dont need 2tb of space or a camera.

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Imo its not worth buying for two reasons. One ps5 is around the corner, and two its not like this console has better graphics it just has more space. Ill be sticking with my gow ps4 pro bundle.

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getting this now

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Mothers Earth

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I didnt even notice Ren was there till you mentioned it.

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Wow been waiting all these years, cant wait. On a side note unless Ryo learns some killer moves in Shenmue 3 theres no way hes ready for Lan DI yet. Also really hope our moves get carried over.

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didnt mean to type two messages

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I feel this game will get alot of hate. Its a 10 to me even on dreamcast.

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yeah ill just wait till its all in one

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crash 1 was better then crash 2 and warped

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how about learn to spell lol.

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Im not talking about the story of rise of the tomb raider. Im talking about getting gold on score attack on all levels.
In uncharted 4 you can cheat use infinite ammo, with the barok, and use auto aim on crushing mode. The only Uncharted that was challenging was the first one and it got easier from then on.

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uncharted= easy, tomb raider =more challenging. I almost missed the plat just because of this stage alone.

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