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They need Sony more than Sony needs them lol. Sony usually takes up all the space at E3. Atleast now Microsoft and Nintendo have a chance to shine.

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when your dominating the market, you can do what you want. This will be the most boring E3 though.

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those are old games we already know are coming nothing new

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my guess is they are getting low on ps4 games so they dont have anything left and are preparing for ps5 still hope ps5 isnt untill 2020 though even if its Jan 2020 lol I think its same reason they skipped PSX plus name change wasnt ready yet.

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lol really a leaderboard

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this is content that shoulda been in day one especially the campaign part

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too late

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Horizon zero dawn is in my backlog so ill be that and its the complete edition

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first remaster by emulation and now this. PS5 looking good already

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At this point, what is included at launch lol

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They would need better games than Sony or atleast comparable which would be tough to do. Power dosent mean anything without games. I do hope microsoft put up some competition its been too easy for Sony this gen.

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People buy it regardless of issues. Why would they fix it if people still buy it lol.

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Yeah Im hearing the controls are worse than Gta5.

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I haven't even gotten Destiny 2 yet

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the stability is over 9000

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I havent bought cod since blops but will be getting this one once its on sale no campaign means get on sale

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exactly why I wont get it till its on sale, no campaign plus few maps

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its too late now

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both but im getting spiderman first

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