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There is only one category it will beat red dead 2 in and thats the controls.

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Another game I need to get

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when did it rise

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Pretty much confirms a PS5 pro.It will be hard to wait but I still have my PS4 backlog.

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Still not worth it. Mabye by March 2019 when Firestorm and Co op comes.

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ps4 on fiya

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Worth every penny imo

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yep found out its too late

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Nier automata was my goty last year, sold it after getting the platinum. Im tempted to buy it again, had to sell it to get my god of war ps4 pro. Need to hear this again https://www.youtube.com/wat...

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I did my black Friday shopping at Gamestop. I got 3 games in plastic brand new Horizon complete $9.99, Shadow of Tomb Raider $27, and cod black ops 4 $38, they had some good deals this year. Maybe they will change their ways.

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tempting but ill wait till its a bit more complete

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Finally been wating for the F50 since the F40 came

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I got black ops 4 for $38 at gamestop. Since cod is more or less complete i choose cod. Battlefield nowhere near complete so ill wait on that.

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Yep plastic no seal

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Just picked up horizon zero dawn complete edition brand new with plastic for $10 best deal

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They need Sony more than Sony needs them lol. Sony usually takes up all the space at E3. Atleast now Microsoft and Nintendo have a chance to shine.

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when your dominating the market, you can do what you want. This will be the most boring E3 though.

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those are old games we already know are coming nothing new

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my guess is they are getting low on ps4 games so they dont have anything left and are preparing for ps5 still hope ps5 isnt untill 2020 though even if its Jan 2020 lol I think its same reason they skipped PSX plus name change wasnt ready yet.

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