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So far ive played Res 1 5 6 and next will be 2

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why so soon

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Very nice theme

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Its a monster, I'm expecting PS5 $499 at launch. I hope I'm wrong but if it has PS4 bc I'm down

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I will def get this version

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Actually you cant I dont see an option to put a supercharger or turbo on cars. Or exhaust or transmission etc

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I liked this track alot in gt6, but that was because we could tune the cars top speed. In gt sport we cant tune, so I think this track will be boring.

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waw is my favortie cod. Its what got me into cod, I mostly played zombies though. The savages send dogs to do their work. Op dogs lol

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lol it would take a miracle for the xbox to beat ps. If they were smart they would release the xbox 2 this year. Sony has too many good games this year to release ps5 imo. If they wait and release it same time as ps5 its game over it wont even have the lead for awhile.

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I doubt it, but if true xbox has only shooters. Ps has story plus shooters so not all time spent on just shooters.

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lol scared really they should be jumping for joy

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This looks interesting may have to give this a go.

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if I didn't have 51 platinum's I would take the risk because I dont care about losing my online progress on ps3 games cause I dont use my ps3 anymore. I will just wait and see first.

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As long as people keep buying unfinished games, devs have no reason to change

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This is why its too soon for ps5 lol. Ive been saying 2020 at earliest. Shenmue 3 supposed to come out this year too.

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simple EA shutdown Black Box and ever since its been trash. Except hot pursuit 2010

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To me it dosent matter im nowhere near caught up with my ps4 backlog. Also I will most likely be waiting for the PS5 pro.

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This game was the reason I wanted a dreamcast

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Naughty Dog is located in California, being gay is popular there.

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