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Never understood the hype for wanting to play against pc, the cheats lol. Alot of the cheating is because of the thick SBMM.

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I noticed they changed players met on friends

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I'm level 27 haven't been trying because it takes so long so this is good

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The price is $39 and I'm definitely getting it at that price

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Judging by how many copies are still in stores it would be a waste. They already had to discount the game b4 the holidays

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Nope I don't even pay $60 most games aren't even complete upon release and need 50 patches to be complete 1yr later.

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Like I said before they trying to force the digital on us. Especially if it's $100 cheaper than the physical. Physical for me no matter what.

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One of my nfs also had an amazing soundtrack https://youtu.be/67cvAe7umF...

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Make part 2 a bad dream and 3 the real thing

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No I'm just not stupid paying 60 times however many times the devs want to milk this old game lol

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Joel and agenda

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Just waiting for the complete edition, not paying $60 for every part

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I stopped playing due to the bad penalty system and Assetto corsa competizione . Hoping the penalty system is fixed.

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Nope not even close to God of War

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Need this on ps4 not ready to buy ps5 just yet

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I never pay 60 so 70 is big no. Why pay full price when most games are unfinished upon release and need 100 patches to be complete.

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Joel lives matter.

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Im all for a uncharted 5 as long as it's with another studio. With Druckmann Nadine would kill Nathan and Elena and Chloe would hook up lol

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Rise of the tomb raider was definitely one of the better ones. Except when I remember doing this for the platinum lol


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It's flawed for two reasons.One Joel's death and two Ellie kills everyone except Joel's killer. I can't say I'm surprised though it started with uncharted 4 Nathan getting beat up by Nadine then it was taken to next level with Joel

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