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I’m pretty sure the game will still be sitting on shelves like it was when it came out. Stores were begging people to buy copies.


Half the sales of the first one speaks volumes I have some tissues for you though

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Lol they just now announcing the sales.When word spread Joel died sales dropped like a bad habit

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GT4 is my favorite and GT7 is the worst it’s not even close

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This is why I’m in no rush to get a ps5, I’ll wait till ps5 pro

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No unless it’s free

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Although I don’t agree with the mt bs. I’ve been enjoying the game after hearing how hard S-10 license was I thought it was going to be trouble with a PS4 controller. For those having trouble turn on driving line( shows where it’s not wet) and ASM on. I got 2:25.4, could go faster but rain is too annoying.

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Makes you wonder what PD has been doing GT sport wasn’t even a full game and they’ve had all this time to work on GT7.

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not surprised they didn't include uc2 or uc3 multiplayer in the remake. There's zero reason to buy this again

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Definitely the worst month golf really lol

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i wonder if it includes the multiplayer

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He actually knew what he was talking about unlike Austin

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Still need to play this, got it from ps plus

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They need to focus on online games that make ps plus worth having not talking about cod fortnite or gta 5. They good on single player games.

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So much for uncharted lost legacy they must be saving it

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wheres sonic 06 lol. I know im in the minority but if you can look past all the glitches I actually liked the game.

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Who wants to play with pc cheaters

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yeah mag on ps3 had more than 128 players nothing new

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It is bad, they raise prices in a pandemic. Oh well I'll do like I like did when it went from 49 to 59. Sale time not paying full price when games are broken day one and need 100 patches to be complete, by the time it's complete it will be on sale

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