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The launch console is sold out too... So that isn't collecting any more preorders... Can't rise if you can't buy it.Getting my BF4 PS4 bundle preorder in today =D

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Wow... Something weird just happened... Maybe I just past into an alternate universe... I think people just agreed on N4G...

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huh. Awesome for uk 360 owners. I hope it's not misinformation. Good stuff though. More for everyone is always good.

Seriously anticipating this game =D

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? Really? Not being a fanboy just curious where you got the info. or you just speculating?

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@ Abdou

I collected every riddler trophy and the riddler end was pretty cool. I also have done a ton of the predator mode rooms and gotten every medal I could. I plan on going back to the game as well and replaying the story mode... Not a big fan of the extra fighting modes in game but overall I probably have gotten 20-25 hours of play. If you play all the features then it's worth it. If your only in it for story then waiting for a price drop is probably better because ge...

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Or what if every game came with a small card. Similar to a memory card and once you inserted the game in your machine it asked for your card. Then the card would permanently lock you machine to the disc...So people without internet still can't sell their games back but be able to play them. Doesn't have to be internet based. It would be like a car key alarm or a door key... Wouldn't be hard to do...

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Ok guys. I'm an advocate of not buying used. Only if games are seriously old or out of print. Also gamers act like they save 50% when they buy used... I could see if you bought a new game for 60$ (65 and Gamestop due to tax) And used games cost 30$(34$ or so at GS) I could find a valid argument. but thats not the case... They are 60$ new and 55 used (Basically 60$ After tax)you save 5 whole dollars and 0$ goes to the people who made the game... Also if you bought off amazon you'd get ...

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Well there are some instances. i.e. Leader boards, DLC servers etc...

I was talking about passes in general.

I don't know if you read the article but the KOA guys basically said "This was supposed to be DLC that EA wanted us to sit on for a month then release. We convinced them to make it a pass for new game buyers"... So honestly I feel they did us as much of a solid as they could given what the alternate is.

You can talk abou...

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I agree with Danniel1

If you buy used then the money is going to gamestop(for example) and not going to EA(For example). Gamestop sits on it because they know their business wont last forever and they build their golden parachutes. EA knows games will onlyget bigger in the end and while they will do some lining of the pockets a huge return would allow them to hire more dev's. Open more studios. Produce larger and more fun games. etc... so used game sales do "Hurt&quo...

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I know I must be in the minority. I have the PS3 version. The game has frozen on me 2 times total. I finished the game. Have daedric armor, Finished mages quests, storm cloaks, bards, thieves, most of my skills are sky high and I'm over level 40. I have had very little slow down or stuttering even after 6 or 7 hour marathons... My save is over 10mb and I'm even on a launch 60 gig PS3... Almost no bugs what so ever. Got stuck in a hole once or twice climbing a mountain but that happens...

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If they did that it wouldn't be a JRPG...

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Orange skittle.

The "scoop" was on the PSNation podcast where the head of marketing and PR (I believe thats his title anyway)Stewart Gilray of JAW explained the whole thing.


Start about 15 min in and it should cover everything

Basically though MS has a lot of bureaucracy they were unwilling to be...

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All I ever really find in any BF game is when I join a team there are at least 2 but usually 3 snipers and me... Medic usually but... Either way the game is still better then COD but just too heavy on sniping sometimes. I feel there should be a limited number of slots in any game for any class and choices rotate each match... Best way ever to balance a game but people would hate it.

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I looks like Asuras wrath. Over the top... I mean MGS was never very realistic but this is just silly.

It will however sell like Crazy just because of the name. Same as final fantasy or any other eastern developed game that if you renamed no body would give it a second look.

My opinion anyway...

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I feel like one of the main problems is stagnation for people. It seems to me that people who played the older games are disappointed while new comers like myself enjoy it a lot. I beat the game and have taken over 2 burrows completely and most of the others. I still haven't touched the saints book and I found the 1960's ending pretty great actually. The game also looks like a fairly easy platinum. Excited to try some co-op soon... I dunno. Overall I feel it was worth my 60$ but I do...

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I never said "Heart containers make it an RPG" I said it was a type of leveling system. In essence you become more durable the longer you play and more you accomplish except in that they don't dole it out for ever mediocre task you do. Only when you accomplish a feat...

Do you know however what the definition of an RPG is? Its actually really simple and not as complex as everyone and their mother makes it out to be.

"a game in which players...

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"There is also no leveling or statistics in Zelda games"

Collecting heart containers is exactly what leveling is though... That mechanic dates back to the first game though and has never been updated but if you think about it heart containers are leveling up... Not in a "square enix" sense but a system unique to zelda.

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I understand how you feel about EA. I am not a fan of Origin or Online Passes but truly I buy almost everything new so it really doesn't bother me. I buy very few EA games as it is. Mostly just Dead Space and Fifa for my wife... I understand why they do it and why everyone else has been following suit but I could nit pick trends in gaming that Activison has done and others have followed. 15$ Map Packs for example... Yearly releases... Things like that.

"In some ways,...

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Jinxstar on PSN. No Trophies for BLOPS or MW3. I play plenty of Shooters.

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I for one stopped after MW2. I didn't buy Black ops and Haven't bought a single Activison game sisnce MW2 and I'm not sure why I bought that one. The reason I dislike Activision is Bobby Kotick treating COD players like Sheep. After MW2 I thought "wow this story is horrible" I also thought "This online hasn't changed hardly at all" There is no innovation and the Producers treated IW like crap so bad that a huge chunk of the Dev's left to form their own ...

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