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source looks fairly unbiased to me!

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you do realise these are identical to the 360 versions achievements.

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vgchartz is NOT factual!

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you are the biggest fanboy.

please - keep this rubbish out of the gamers zone.

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the PS2 was out in japan for years before it came out in europe; the PS3 is NOT charting as high considering its out in all 3 regions.

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first is a screenshot, second is an artwork.

Shows how good the graphics are that people are getting confused.

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I agree with the entire top 10; especially the top 3.

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MEGATON. well done Microsoft; finally getting aggresive in europe.

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in halo: fall of reach; the master chiefs face is exposed for 3/4 of the film, dumbass

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fallout 3 could be the bioshock of this year i guess

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were you asleep in 2006?

Halo 3 announcement, GTA4 going multiplatform, fable 2 announcement? Microsoft OWNED E306

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it will sell reasonably just because of spring drought - but will be panned by reviewers

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dellusional fanboy.
I didnt want to have to do this.

GT5 prologue : a DEMO
HOME - no-one will use it. Do you know why? People only use social networks like second life or home to interact with the opposite sex; that wont be happening on HOME.
Haze - numerous previews have lambasted it as "awful" and "abyssmal" - you really think its goiing to be good?
Killzone 2 - based on guerillas track record - a 6-7 game at best.

The rest ...

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it seems with gears of war 2, fable 2 and alan wake - microsoft's late 08 lineup looks just as strong as sony's

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im still ambivalent

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why cant Microsoft forget about yahoo and buy some goddamn developers - heaven knows they need them. Epic and Remedy look ripe for the picking.

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In other shocking news the sky will be blue tomorrow.

Seriously - of course they have something big to announce - thats the whole point of having a conference!

I have another relation - someone will be on a stage at some point during the conference!

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EA and Microsoft have a great relationship - I hope you remember the madden fiasco we had last year about it running "twice as fast"

If Microsoft wants an exlcusive from EA - all they have to do is ask (and provide ample moneyhats)

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