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Dude, I've seen people go through ,2,3,4.. and some extreme case's you wouldnt believe if I told you.(XB360). <-- work at a game place, seriously for a while there it was bad. I dont have a comment about the PS2 defective rate, it was before my time in the sense of selling game hardware, but I did go through one console myself.
Alot of games I personally know who had gone through 2,3,4+ Xb360 consoles were .. well OCD man, they treated they games/hardware like gold.. so it wasn't t...

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So Microsoft wants to be first to market again with their new console.. the 720.. or whatever. Thats great, it worked realy well for them last time.. (lol)
Now lets be honest, the xb360 has great software but the hardware is crap (Unreliable). Now when (if) Microsoft decided to announce to everyone "hey, we'll be first to market with our next machine", I'd be doing some damage control in the form of an appology. Sorry about the xb360 hardware issues, we'll be carefull this n...

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Yes they need to advertise, no this isnt News!

Waist of Time poste, seriously, like we havent noticed the lack of advertising

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My two cents....


So EGM doesnt want to review it, why is this News anyways!

It has NO impact on the Game, or any reviews already submited, or

any impact on most peoples decission to purchase it...

Again, this whole thing is a waist of time.

Thank you


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mmmmmmmm.... Resistance Fall of Man 2... DROOLLLLLLL!!!!

I believe each game will speak for itself, between the two, R:FOM2 has the most room for improvement Visually, GOW2 storey. I just cant wait to rock with 60 other players with not lag and 8.. EIGHT player co-op campain!!!!

mmmmmmm... Resistance Fall of Man 2... DROOLLLLLLL!!!!!

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I am about half way throught the game, As a gamer I would NOT give this game 4.5/10 because its not accurate and dosent warrant it. Honestly I would give it between 7.5/10 or 8/10, with my current experience with the game I get the impression that Free Radical is onto something, its know where the improvements can be made but I still see potential both in the storey mode and feel of the game that it could one day be a killer app. (Maybe in Haze2).

I have not played the online p...

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I have installed a 2.5 Sata notebook harddrive in my PS3 with absolutely no problems at all, just make sure you use the "Back-up" Utility in your PS3 options before formating your new harddrive.
Once you format you new harddrive you old one wont work in it again and you'll loose all your save points.

Switching the HD takes only minutes, formating takes very little time also. Sony did a great job!!

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I believe emilinating cutscenes all together would be a terrible idea, I understand sometimes they seem drawn out.. I've been there, but its also the developers creative expression. Alot of these games are great because they are in the vision of the developer and to demand change would take from the finished product and you would be left with something else entirely.
I would like to see an option for people like Maddens Raiders who don't enjoy the cutscenes so much, but if that means ...

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I think that gun need to be properly balanced, I have gotten the jump on people before. Again M16, stopping power, deep impact and steady aim and more often then not, if the other player has a P90 they wil still kill me. It has gotten worse recently and I find it disapointing when others learn of "cheap" or "Noobish" weapons and constantly use them. I know you'll find this in all games, but for me it makes me think about roatating my FPS. Over all the online experience for...

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I love COD4 like most people who have played it, but recently I have been noticed that everyone is running around with the P90 equipt with "double-tap" perk.
Normally I would get over this and accept the fact that people who use it ALL the time are lame and enjoy the easy way out, but when I'm shooting someone from long range with a M16 and have the "Stopping power" perk and laser site equipt, still the other dude kills me using this P90 "short range weapon&q...

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PS3, XB360, DS, PC....

Yeah, with sold gameplay and online support compounded by amazing visuals.. its only a matter of time.

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I love my PS3 and its online function, games like R:FOM and WARHAWK are clear examples of what can be offered by the free service on the PS3.
Its just a shame that the developers of Blacksite are not putting the effort into the online aspect of this game for the PS3.

For that reason I may now choose to buy other games before or even instead of this game because it lacks any REAL online feature.

HAZE and UT3 well be my multi player fix over the christmas season.

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It should be free, sure it a great online set-up but lets not get greedy. The cost of running XBOX LIVE should be made up through selling silly little arcade games and added game features that clearly cost little to nothing to create and advertising through-out the main menu of xbox live.

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I love my PS3, I own a 60G PS3 and enjoy playing Warhawk online and watching Blueray movies on my high def tv.
I think the 40G model is a excellent idea and they could move tons of them into peoples living-rooms they just need to have better MARKETTING!! Please Sony, Please have better MARKETTING!!
Please market HAZE,UNCHARTED, TIME CRISIS, RATCHET/CLANK and all the other great games coming out, spend a couple bucks in advertising and it well help you sooo much.
I Sel...

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Good job Gabe, you actually made me consider NOT buying your game because of you ignorant statements.
I cant imagine how Gabe came to the conclusion programming for EXISTING TECHNOLOGY would be easier, Hmmm I wonder why.
Could it be that because its EXISTING TECHNOLOGY there is little to no learning curve involved, thus it is quicker/easier to program for.. maybe we should ask Gabe.
This is a real eye opener!!
So basically what Gabe is saying is NEW TECHNOLOGY...

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DragonZ28.. with the amount of passion you have for HDDVD one would think you gave birth to it, lol.
"Like a proud parent you are" (Yoda voice)
Allot of the new movies well also be released on regular dvd so no matter what.. both XB360 and the PS3 can watch them. (once you buy a remote for the XB360)

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Unfortunatly everyone has a price and 150 Million dollars is Paramounts price.
I did enjoy transformers, but I guess I'lll have to wait 18 months to buy it.... Thats if Im still interested.

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I want it, ASAP. WarHawk & Heavenly sword well keep me busy until this game arrives.

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This game looks amazing, I cant wait to be playing it on my HDTV.

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They're budget doesn't call for training, instead just a cry for help. "General public, please educate us.. show us how to program".
Ubisoft=Microsoft fanboy.

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