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I think it might be an even greater exaggeration that any content you put out is "great." Yellow Journalism for hits is pretty much all you do.

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He's using Halo 3, Ratchet and Clank Future and Uncharted 1's sales to estimate the sales of the next iterations. The PS3 is in a much different place and the Uncharted franchise now has brand recognition, which it didn't have when the first one came out. Moreover, ODST won't sell anywhere near as well as good as Halo 3. The main draw for Halo is the multiplayer, which is pretty much identical across both games.

We can check the numbers at the end of the year, but it is incompreh...

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The Sears price online is still $69.99 bundled with Eye of Judgement

If this were a Sony initiative, or even a Sears initiative, the price would be universally cut across all stores. It's a local deal and this is a terrible article with no valid...

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"Now you’re probably saying (cliche) “But Don, who are your sources? Aren’t you just some random blogger?” Not exactly, for one I went to Sears today"

He went to Sears!!!! 100% confirmation.

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Doubt it. Judging by the first quote, it's something he saw on this "secret Sony mission." That would indicate it's a first-party title.

It's nice to dream though.

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Kojima's also busy overseeing MGS Rising and Castlevania Lord of Shadow. I wouldn't expect another game from him soon.

Twisted Metal seems like the most likely to me.

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Can that site be this stupid? They cite their source as mhiblart, but they don't realize that these pictures are from mhiblart's flickr account posted back in February?

Shame on the-magicbox and all that approved this.

This wouldn't even be the PS3 Slim; it would be PS3 Short.

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The Wii doesn't have the processing power to render as many bubbles :P

Joking if you couldn't tell...

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I seriously doubt the 360 build has anything to do with this. It's not like SE hasn't released bullshots in the past. The early screenshots were just target renders that were doctored quite a bit. Square isn't nuking their own game because the game went multiplatform.

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Jaffe has said he would like to announce it at E3, but it would probably be revealed before that at it's own separate venue (I assume through a magazine). That means it would easily be revealed by next year.

Also, why are people still wondering if it's Twisted Metal or not? There was the code in the PSP game (METAL IS COMING ON PSTHREE) Then there was that ...

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I listen to all of IGN's podcasts and this was definitely a joke. It's not the first time it's been joked about either.

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You should have said that then. The news story is about a demo reel, and you said it brought a smile to your face. It's not hard to see why it was interpreted that you were trying to judge Reach's merits on a short animation clip.

There was that short clip of Lair in the demo reel. Crappy Natal implementation ruining the game confirmed? Kidding...I'm sure it'll be fine. Like you said, Bungie has a fine pedigree. I agree with the sentiments of others that I would like to see them...

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There was a thread on GAF about this and it was pretty much laid to rest. First of all, the screenshot on the pspgo is a screenshot from the PS3 version:

Second of all, a poster from Naughty Dog said it was a hilarious assumption:

I just tried putting Super Mario Galaxy into my PS3 and it didn't work. Weird... I guess Red Steel 2 will have the same issue.

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I thought for sure all higher-ups made twitters and made a bunch of wild announcements. It seems like smart company policy.

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The Wii is able to get away with the channel interface because it doesn't have the same amount of functionality as the PS3 and 360.

The PS3 and 360 interfaces are really quite similar. It's interesting that when the blades were used for the 360, you always heard how much better the blades were compared to XMB. Then, when NXE came along, and basically replaced the blades with an XMB-like interface, you hear how awful the blades were.

XMB works perfectly. I can easily...

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You're right, it shouldn't be a big deal, but since Valve has a proven track record of supporting their games post-release, they're taking flack. Thanks to these 10,000+ gamers, Valve is learning the error of their ways for being really good about most games. They should start following the Activision model instead. Then no one would be making a stink over this.

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Eh, the first game resembled the first movie a bit. They obviously inserted a new character, but a lot of the major events played out in the same fashion.

After Godfather II the game, I won't lose any sleep over this.

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They must not have a very diverse taste in games then. I'd really like them to get away from FPS's and the Halo franchise. I thought that was the point in leaving Microsoft, but I guess the money guaranteed by releasing a Halo game is too much. The Halo games are fine, but I really want to see what they can do in other genres.

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Their last game was Metroid Prime 3. It would be rather dimwitted to think they haven't been working on a game since then.

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