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...we are nearing the end of the paradigm when it comes to this generation of computing. Once we surpass that, we will once more see rapid advancement in computational technology. Btw, the notion that it is foolish to assume that we can not keep progressing at this rate, is indeed foolish in itself. If we are assuming that the argument of technology advancing exponentially is true, then we should see computers surpassing the human brain (at least in terms of calculations per second) within th...

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Every wall will be a computer huh? That means upgrading hardware will be a b!tch.

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A lot of my fellow WoW'ers are talking about jumping on the Warhammer Online bandwagon when it arrives, but I really doubt it will even make a scratch in the Blizzard armor. WoW is so easy that a chimp could master it.

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Did it ever occur to them, that these people might already have a 360?

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This will certainly have mass appeal to the average schmuck; even though you might tell him that there will be exclusive DLC for the 360, he'll ask: "What's DLC?" Now, let the battle begin.

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It's not so much my own disappointment with Home's arrival I'm concerned about, it's Sony's whole way of dealing with its consumers. Sure, it's free. Sure, it may need improvement. But they set specific dates for release, which are then pushed two times, sometimes even three times.

Why is this important? It is because they advertised many of these features in their campaign and THEN they moved the date. If Sony had said: "Home will arrive in late 2008, sure it sucks guys, bu...

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I can't even download the update, without the server crashing. Too bad for everyone, I was really looking forward to this one.

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Thank God for the IR goggles...

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Did you guys notice? If you focus REALLY hard, so can almost see a TV in the background.

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Funny how pretty much everything "revolutionary" in Vista is ripped off from OSX. Widgets... sorry, I mean Gadgets, the search bar, live video in the taskbar etc. Currently, I am dual booting between Vista and Ubuntu, the only purpose Vista serves is gaming, everything else I browse with Ubuntu.

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I remember when we saw the Resistance 2 scans, and it just "blew everything away". Truth is, when we get to see real HD screenshots, only then will we be able to see whether the graphics are Epic (pun intended) or not. Then again, these are the gentlemen that has brought us quality from day 1, and I have faith in Epic delivering big time again.

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I can understand that games are delayed, if the creators aren't satisfied with the product. But an online service can be patched; and do not tell me that home is still on the drawing board. It is likely to be fully functional... just release the damn service and patch it later, if something's off.

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I need to reconsider my statement that physical discs won't be entirely replaced in the near future. This is nothing short of insane... the problem is, can any HDD write that fast? Perhaps Flash Drives, but feature films in seconds...

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...I was wondering when you would show up... really... I was.

First off, yes, Windows runs Direct X 10, yes, it runs games. I respect these arguments. However, I would dare to say that none of them have anything to do with my comment. I argued that Linux was superior provided that you could LIVE WITHOUT PC gaming, and I find Direct X useless with gaming out of the question.

Secondly, I agree that Windows is a more widespread OS and I certainly wouldn't recommend Linu...

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A large percentage of OSX is open source, Linux is completely open source... these are the forces that Microsoft can never deal with. Windows will always be inferior in terms of functionality, stability and even security, though this artucle argues otherwise. 500 engineers can't outsmart a userbase of 5,000,000 geeks. When you switch from Ubuntu to Vista, it feels like going from Vista to 3.11 in terms of functionality. Suffice it to say, with implementations coming in every day and a userbas...

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MGS4 has an odd appeal in terms of graphics; the textures are low-res, the polygon-count is rather low... yet it looks stunning in a very original way. Just like the games before it. I actually think that MGS2 and 3 are the most cohesive gaming experiences I've ever had. I would even argue that they are the most polished games ever...

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..just say NO.

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...there is yet hope for humanity.

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If Acer would allow a community to have open source and a completely open community (think PSN on crack) then it could be a complete breath of fresh air. Competition is good, bring it on Acer!

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