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Have you seen patchers anylists about how MS will react?

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It's not struggling ? Have you seen the WW figures and NPD figures?

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If you need the game, that is. Maybe like undead nightmare? Or you may need to buy i2 for it... Looooks sweeeeet tbh

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yosp has confirmed this also.

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It is ps3 gameplay. It's amazing! It looks incredible on the ps3!

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Yeah. On the ps blog they said they would keep it (the conference on ps blog going on for 24 hours) Then will upload the whole show to youtube - ign etc etc etc

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Their are 5...... whoa.... ms pulling out the shots now /s

Left4Dead isn't an xbox exclusive......

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Buying it for ps3 get's you a free game too... But yeah, cool. Pre-ordered. And pre-ordered for ps3 too! I did enjoy the Alpha I must say.

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He is dead... Even R bowling confirmed it in this interview... when asked if ghost is in.... http://tweakers.net/video/3...

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I thought it was upped to 1080p and 60fps? Or was that the god of war hd (from psp) .... But if you watch the comparision in HD on IGN for example it looks beautiful!!

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+p s move + 3D

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This HAS NOTHING to do with mp. How many times to the devs have to say this!!!! This is all SP! And it's 'TOTALLY' different from what mp is. Only thing that was shown and is in mp is the end bit. And the obvious ones

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it's multi plat? Also to everyone that;s multiplayer footage at end.

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just a couple of youths (YOBS) on the out skirts of london ripping it up. Disgusting what they are doing. All happening in the rough areas though (most deprived) Looting disgusting. Thank god I'm in dentral london!

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could be for the ps4?

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Yeah @xtreampro_REVENGE! Because I have a time machine! xD.... (My mistake I put 40gb in for 60gb instead) @guitarded77 Basically to put itt in simple terms I have the same 'fat' ps3 that I bought a couple of months after the ps3 launched. (I think it's 60gb anyway =p)

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Ah shit. That's unlucky =/. Makes me realise how lucky I am having the saame 'fat' 40gb ps3 console after 5+ years

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What... Just because you don't get R2 with it anymore it suddenly becomes a bad deal? AS a 3d monitor with the features it has it's still a great deal. At this moment in time.

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What about star Trek ? Anounced at E3. That move game looks great! (well the announcement trailer looked slick)

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