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If Nintendo does VR we could see motion controls returning.

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I agree 100% I do think Capcom has found the right formula for RE now.

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It’s been confirmed to be on psvr2 in the near future

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Haha some of you act like playing a difficult game is some rite of passage. Some of us just wanna have fun with a game with the little bit of free time we have. Multiple settings benefits everyone.

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I think they are saving that announcement for another time to spread out releases. That game would probably overshadow most of the games at launch.

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Ps direct won’t charge your card until it’s ready to ship but may have a temporary hold for verification purposes. If you can don’t use a debit card

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If you mean repetitive as in I keep on playing then Yes 😂

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There’s one thing you may not have considered. Resident Evil 3 Remake was developed by a different team than Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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I thought it was just me. Welcome to the digital age lol. What’s the point of having a progress meter if it doesn’t update right after each objective? Sony needs to sort this out. Also Sony shouldn’t only reward digital game purchases but also physical ones as well.

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That would be cool but without a way to fight underwater, this would be pointless. I would love if they gave her fighting ability underwater.

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As a business move it probably is a good move to just expand Mk 8 and release MK 9 when the next system arrives. What Nintendo needs to do is make a new F-Zero . This whole notion that they only need one racer is silly.

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We know Capcom would do this but Disney needs to make this happen.

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It’s like WB making a Peacemaker game after the successful HBO max show. It’s one thing to get people to bite on a movie or tv. It is another to get people to pay $60-70 for a not too popular comic book game. I would be skeptical too after how bad SE messed up Avengers.

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Probably because they aren't using Mii characters.

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This comment should be a Sticky. We all need to take off the fanboy goggles for a minute and realize the Big 3 don't want anyone coming in taking their market share.

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You can upgrade the disc version and you will get the digital version but you need the disc to play

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You deserve a 1000 likes haha 😂. It’s a shame High Moon didn’t get to continue making Transformers. If they got a decent budget i think most of us TF fans would be excited.

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That can be true but not always. Sometimes businesses turn down things just out of spite. Remember even though money is a driving force, people are still going to be people.

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The rewards system is very good. If you are diligent with tasks you can get $10-$20 every month

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or you can't spell IGNorant without IGN

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