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Get a Charge and Play Kit.... although, for the price, I feel like the Xbox One Elite Controller should have come with a battery pack already in the controller instead of 2 AA batteries!

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I still have my Slim PS3, but I miss my fat one! :(

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I would take both! I haven't seen Rival Schools since my PS1 and another Capcom vs. SNK would be Christmas no matter what month it's released!

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If Sony would support their handhelds the way Nintendo does, the PSP and Vita would've done ALOT better!

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This looks like a good place to post this:


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Right now... I'm laughing at the fanboys arguing over this. I'll just wait til March to pick up the rumored inFamous: Second Son bundle. Patience is a virtue!

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This, kids, as a true example of haterism! People that say negative stuff when something positive happens are what REALLY grind my gears!!!

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When you say something so insanely stupid that makes nationwide news and brings negative press to your place of employment, usually your resignation isn't voluntary!

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I was gonna comment on this, but I changed my mind seeing as the response I get will be as childish as the article itself!

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Although Arkham Asylum was good, I think Arkham City should've been on this list instead. IGN gave it a 10 of 10 and called it the best use of a character license in video game history!

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I'm gonna cause some chaos by saying that I like Ninja Theory, I like Devil May Cry, so I'm gonna buy the game after work tonight and play it. Fair enough?

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Think I may have to bring that out of retirement in honor of them...

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How do you know the rating would be toned down? Capcom has done M-Rated titles before, with the exception of it's fighting franchises.

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This article doesn't seem like valid points to me... just whining!

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It still bugs me because I think FF7 had a better story even though I like them both!

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Final Fantasy X gets an HD remake... but not Final Fantasy 7?

Are you serious, bro?!

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I lost interest in the VGAs when they let Jack Black win best voice over beating out Mark Hamil's Joker for Arkham Asylum!

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I would love for them to just restore backwards compatibility instead of screwing us over and make us buy these games all over again!

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John Cena has a few fans. The Rock has... the millions!

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The more I see, the more I'm glad I pre-ordered this baby!

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