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Epoch is so much better in every apsect. H1Z1 will blow the standalone version of dayz away. Dayz as it is lacks polish without the epoch addition to it.

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article is fake. this was all made up i heard about this. another site to ingore

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atari jaguar has my all time favorite. snes comes in 2nd.

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No it has to do with whats out on pc in terms of hardware. A pc user sees crossfiring 2 6b titans gpu's as a solid ps4 inclusion. instead ya get a mid lvl video gpu integrated on cpu. kind of nasty. Has nothing to do with the ps4. let xbox come out and we will simply see if they jump the ps4. Wont be hard with those specs but Im sure it will be mid to low lvl gpu as well.

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ps4 660ti basically

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you have no idea do you

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MH in 3d has sold me over the wiiu version. Pre-ordered 3ds version. Can not wait. Demos not aimed toward new players though. my only gripe

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crossfire 2 550tis and its way faster and half the cost. Ram can be gotten cheaper as well from frys so in the end even with a tower it is $480 for a diy kit. Not to mention that amd fx is twice as fast as ps4's. ama nerd

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DOF-Bloom-Full screen AA- direct x 11. mid range pc. looked good. Phenomenal it is not

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Would it even be a console at this point :)

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wouldnt bother me as I game on pc

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this site is biggest troll fest. I come here for the lol's

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sold my vita. Thing is garbage with o titles. I lost faith in console gaming after xbox left us in the dark and ps3 was where I had to go for exclusives. to much $$. Sold em all built pc way happier.

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its not as crisp as playing it on your tv with a disc. if they can perfect the visual quality will be amazing. if not will be like onlive and that isnt a good thing

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This game was amazing. System seller for sure. The bonds you make are touching.

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can just say direct x 11 :)

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oh brother slim vita february 20th leaked by sony

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Vita $50 trade in at gs lol
Mine sits here running old psp games. that is about it. worst investment ever and sadly they are going to make it a ps4 buddy type system. I dont want ps4 lol so im stuck with something that as of a yr has nothing that interests me. time will tell

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