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this game is awesome!

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bots have a really filthy mind.

"oooh ohh but teh controller is a dildo oooh oooh"

not everything is a dildo. Get your mind out of the gutter. What, are you twelve years old?

Nevermind,im sure you are happy that you think the controller is a dildo..Maybe you need one yourself.

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i know that crapbox sucks but i dont think that its ethical to insult it in places where it has no fault.your comment didnt make any sense.seriously,ps3 fans like you make other fans look bad

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Iam so tired of stupid people in the open zone..sigh..

Why am I not surprised that capcom did this?Ubisoft did the same thing with ac2..I think that taking away parts from a game and selling them off as dlc is becoming a new trend..

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sadly i will have to agree with you ninji.I know I will get disagrees and/or bubbles taken away but ff13 is gimped because it went multiplatform,it's so obvious!It's linear because dvd9(?) has only 8 gigs(?) of storage. Take your fanboy glasses of and accept the truth people! God's sake,what is happening to this world?

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heavy rain!

'nuff said

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Guys please buy this game!This game is so awesome and addicting!!!I love QGames.

The best thing of all is the 2 player offline coop.

But Iam warning you,once you buy it,this game can and will destroy your personal life for 14-15 hours.

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guys i know its a classic and all but after i beat the singleplayer,the game got boring...The multiplayer was lame(for me) and there were only 8 maps..If only they released some new stuff sooner,I wouldnt have sold it.

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too bad I traded it in for ac2..

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il agree on you on this one,you are right.The people who gave you disagrees are stupid.Sony should integrate home with psn ASAP

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best game ever!!!!!!!!!!first day buy!!

Those who don't buy this game must be either braindead or retarded(maybe both)

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typical microsoft...why am i not surprised..to talk crap about sony is one thing but polyphony?!?!?They are the best devs ive ever seen,they have NEVER trash talked...sad........maybe greenberg is scared...

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haha,sony knows about ff13.im sure that they will have 10 million or something copies in stock.

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Oh,it's you again,I thought that you finally got a life and stopped trolling..It seems I was wrong.Why are you such a loser?Oh,my bad,you only have one bubble...I wonder why.....hmmmmmmm

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yea,i imagine microsoft in my body!If I want a last gen gadget in my body that overheats and needs constant care,I would choose microsoft

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wtf is that supposed to mean?

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just fk off and get a life

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Stupid list.Most functions they mentioned are useless.The only thing I want is mkv support.

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stop caring about bbq and learn some english first!

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thats an awesome headset!!

notice how good her glasses are!


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