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AAArrrRRRr!!!!hiphopgamer got me again!!!!He should mention his show's name in the title!I'd rather stare at a tree all day than watch this crap.

I wish n4g had a hide option where you could block articles/videos from a particular site which in this case is http://hiphopgamershow.ning...

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lol people are pissed about the exclusivity.Go here:


Check out the comments.People arent gonna buy sloppy seconds.I,like other people think that R* is a sellout,shame on them.Pus the ps3 version is $10 more.

Unless they add more features to the pc and ps3 version,but doubt that wil...

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How can you add more water to a glass that is already overflowing?I know that I will get diagrees but the unreal engine and the xbox 360 are both maxed out. All epic can do is to refine the engine,increase perfomance,etc.

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One of the worst written articles I have ever read...sigh....

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But what about comment #5?

"Terrible update. I’m not going to say Monkeys are running the store because they’d do a better job than this crap."

I lol'd so hard when i read this.

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I'm gonna come forward and admit that I HAVE INSTALLED LINUX ON MY PS3!But I never use it and I don't care if they take it away.

I will now have to back up all of my save games and stuff like that,I will also have to install home and all the other games that I bought before. Also,I don't have a place where I can store my stuff in,so I will probably have to buy a new portable hard drive or something!THIS IS WHY I'M PISSED!

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Who even approves this crap?N4G is getting worse lately where people approve stuff from sites that dont't even have any fanbase. I'am getting tired of articles from videogameszone.de. The site is GERMAN! and some of the words get lost in translation and the site is ULTRAA slow. I-Pod,I know you need points but please stop posting stuff from this site.

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3840d ago


the troll spoiled the game.. :(

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Can anyone tell me what the secret is?The site is down :(

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considering that the game hasnt even been released yet and that your reputation is down the gutter,I knoe that you are trolling.

Nice try.

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site completely slammed..I dont expect it to be up for the nest 6 hours or so..DOes anyone have a spare code?Im willing to trade.

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I'm sick and tired of articles of how good mass effect 2 is. The game is obviously being over hyped, just like gta 4. I seriously think that heavy rain is the future of gaming as they capture emotions too with their technology which creates the perfect expressions.

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This is the worst article EVER! Does the writer even know what a beta is?He looks retarded.

EVERYONE know that's if you make the multiplayer part of the game more graphically rich,there will be more lag! Its inevitable. COD:MW2 has EIGHTEEN people at max while MAG has 256!

Actually I'm quite impressed with the graphics.I applaud Zipper for having decent graphics even with 256 players online!

I know that many retarded people will disagree with me.

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I agree. The whole "flashlight" thing that remedy is doing is AWESOME!I will buy an xbox because of this game.

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Even though I have a ps3 and not an xbox 360,i will think about buying one because of this game..This game is somewhat slightly similar to heavy rain which IMO is going to be the best game ever...

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what glitches?

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well they are polishing the game right now,so maybe things will improve..

on a side note,i think that the facial expressions are perfect..other dev's think that video games are pornos so they make the facial expressions superficial but quantic dream has fixed this problem.

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noooo!!!i was looking forward to finding it out myself,lol

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The interesting thing about this game is that it shows the current level of rainfall.Does anyone know why its there?

I think that this will play some small part in the game but still its a cool mechanic.

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