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Yaaaay! This is good news! I don't trust VGChartz completely but their scores are approximate. Waiting for an official announcement from sony.

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I think it's highly unlikely that this is gonna happen. But still, I have my hopes up..

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Another inFamous? Awesome! I'm really starting to admire sony's game plan,it's starting to pay off rather well. Let's see who will win the show during this E3!

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Agreed. Whenever I press the "Log In" button, I get redirected to the main site.

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IGN is a stupid wretched site that is filled with crap.

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Thank god I'm not the only one here who hates grammar mistakes.

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Gimme $200 and I promise I will buy an xbox 360 arcade.

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I feel so bad that I own a ps3 and not an xbox 360..sigh....You xbox guys are lucky you have this game....It's really a masterpiece.

Also,anyone who disagrees with should be ashamed of themselves for being a fanboy.This is a legitimately good game.

@below im barely 18 and i dont have a job! iam saving money to buy one!wtf

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I don't know..I played on of the monster hunter games on the PSP and I didn't like them. I guess that its like RE5, you need some coop buddies to enjoy the game..

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@Hallmark Moment
So,what wrong about that?Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

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OH YAAAAY!!!! Another random person is giving us crazy rumors. I don't know what I would do w/o these people.. Oh do I see skateboarder dude saying that the next nintendo console will be made of pikachu blood?


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same here. The only thing I now want is mkv support and firefox on my ps3..but thats never gonna happen :(

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Rockstar,are you on a mission to piss off as many people as poosible?First gta 4 exclusivity deal and now this!I liked the old max payne in the earlier games!!

R*=Next Activision

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lolz,have a bubble

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but why not post directly from the english engadget?Why use a translator?

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I don't know who to blame for modern glitchfare 2. Is it negligence on IW's part or Activision? Sure,you guys will say that it's Activision's fault but where is the proof?

Anyways ,I'm happy about what is happening to IW. Atleast they are away from Kotick's clutches....

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Why post this article from spanish engadget when the same page is in US engadget


I'm saying this because translators really bog down a site.

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I'm surprised that PSN is more expensive. But hey,it's free,right?Plus with psn,there is transparency. I don't wanna google for a xbl points translator every time I buy something,but that's just me.

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That comment didn't even make any sense. I wonder why you only have one bubble...

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