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Isnt' the developer "Sledgehammer Games" developing the new COD?

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I have never played the game but I like the name. "Project Gotham".. That has to be one of the coolest names. I would buy it.

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Haha! This is one of the funniest novelty accounts!

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Do you guys actually see the page before commenting. The flickr account has now been closed, I hope someone here has a mirror. Maybe insomniac games took them down.

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This is NOT a bollywood movie. It's a crappy south indian movie. All south indian movies are lame and retarded

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No one gave you disagrees except me, and I gave you one AFTER the edit.

I disagree because I don't see the relationship between the quality of content and playstation plus. Updates are usually like this, even before playstation plus. I'm a playstation plus user and I'm quite happy with what sony are offering. I saved $25 dollars in the first month alone! I have the 3 month membership for $17.99

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What if dice nerfed the assault rifles so people couldn't run and gun?Would you be happy? Of course not. As being a sniper, I'm a minority as compared to people who use regular weapons. But no one says anything about the snipers. But if it were assault rifles, a sh*t storm would start.

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I'm sorry kid. Where's your mommy?(implying that you go to a kindergarten) There is a difference between campers and snipers. I move when I snipe. I don't stay in one place. You are retarded to compare these two. In real life, do you call a sniper a camper? A sniper LITERALLY stays in one spot for days or even weeks to get his kill. But still, I move. Obviously, if you were chose the sniper, you would know. LOL, some retards just make me laugh.

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Are you kidding? The beta brings so many new things to the table, like frequent crashes, stupid knifing system, grenades that do as much damage as water ballons, etc.

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I'm not going back to the beta. Dice has a thing against snipers. In every single game, they nerf the snipers. It takes two hits to kill someone, THAT'S FINE, but the rifles are SOOO slow it kinda defeats the purpose as the enemy just runs away after one hit..

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Stop comparing this service to netflix. Qriocity offers LATEST MOVIES ON DEMAND, whereas in netflix, you can watch an average selection of old and somewhat new movies for free. I can't watch alice in wonderland with netflix, but I can in Qriocity(IF I PAY!). Netflix shouldn't be scared. Also, what about zune service on xbox? It's similar to Qriocity.

I'm just happy that PSN is maturing. Just 5 days till E3!

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I'm gonna come back to this article after E3 for nostalgia. I predict that sony is gonna win!

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I love this series. It's so much fun if you play it with your friends or family. Definitely gonna get the 2011 version.

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OMG! Thank God I'm not alone. I agree with you Goodfella.

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lolwut? Article fail, was going good until the author lost sense of direction.

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Nice article. The next big collector's item is the starcraft 2 limited edition. People will literally KILL to get their hands on one of those.

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I've known this for a while. I'm quite happy with the exclusivity as a ps3 owner. But this really breaks the deal for a 5 year old with an xbox who doesn't know a thing about ps3,exclusivity,etc.

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I dont know what to think about this. All I want is one of the Ace Combat games for the ps3. H.A.W.X is to professional-ish and complicated... But I welcome any Tom Clancy game as they are awesome.

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/Puts on troll glasses/

This game is gonna be crap and boring!

/take of troll glasses/


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