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I hate your show and I'm not going to approve it. Trying to be "street" doesn't make you a good journalist.

Sadly, other people will approve it. -_-

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Wow kotaku is really stupid! Putting up outadated news just for hits...

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The guy who supposedly "invented" this is a fraud. It's true, they did steal the idea. If people actually dug further, they will find that the creator is obnoxious and stupid.

This idea originated from r/gaming(from reddit.com). The creator claims that he has innovated the gaming industry and that he invented this, but actually this idea originated from Killzone on the ps2 and has been used by the psp's homebrew community ever since.

The cre...

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Valve didn't port the PS3 Orange Box. Infact, I think EA(?) was responsible for it. The game had many graphical glitches and bad textures, which rendered the game almost unplayable.

I still think that Valve is one of the only "honest" developers left. As a PC gamer, I LOVE their steam platform.

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Are box arts really more important than the game itself? The put on these "stamps" to supposedly make if easier for people to know what they will need. A grandma won't really know what "playstation move" is, so the visual of it will help her somewhat. Also, since this is a family based game, they have to take that in consideration when they design the box art.

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It's not really graphics (though they are awesome), I guess 3D and uncompressed audio have led to this huge size?

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How does Kratos have to do anything with this game? I don't get your logic. Atleast try to be relevant. Wait, lemme try your same trick.

GodHandDee, Ratchet will not be pleased with your lack of logic.

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Thank you for the *most* respectable comment in this thread. Yes, I'm impatient due to my ADHD.

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Yes, I do know. But MM shouldn't have made them so long. They should have made them skippable.

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I'm not trolling. I'm LOVE my ps3, but those notifications turned me down. And LBP1 isn't the only reason why someone should try this game. It's surprising that I got so many disagrees. I didn't know that I couldn't "freely" express my opinion.

And to be frank, I disliked LBP1 due to it's load times. Entering a user created level took SOOOOO long to load, even with my 30mbps connection.

To people who will disagree with me...

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It's a stupid game. I plan not to buy it after the demo. The reason being the pop ups after you finish the level. IT TAKES 30 SECONDS for each pop up to go away and each bullet point comes sooooooooooo slowly. In the end, I just got pissed off and deleted the demo. I couldn't even skip these, I tried pressing all the buttons..

For those of you who played the LBP2 demo, you know what I mean.

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Really? This is a useless article. Almost everyone I know who is serious about gaming, knows that decreasing resolution will increase performance.

This article is poorly written and the title is misinforming. The author certainly didn't give any useful tips and kept on talking about how it's far graphic cards have come, how games can still run on dx 9 etc. I wonder who even approves this crap.

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OMG I just wish he would disappear from N4G. There should be an option in N4G to remove him from my front page.

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All he is an a hole and a sellout! I used to love his minecraft videos, but after cod:bo came out, he stopped making them! He constantly posts boring cod videos to get more subscribers and he is alienating his old fanbase.

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I agree. Sony should REALLY look up the defintion of marketing. Microsoft knows how much potential Halo has, so they milk the shit out of it through viral videos and ad campaigns. Sony has never undertaken a huge step to combat this problem. These are cold hard facts.

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I would like the same thing too but it's Sony we are talking about. They brought Vudu(which is owned by freakin' WALMART!) instead of their Qriocity service.

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What is don't get is why Sony isn't using Qriocity? Everyone expected Sony to introduce Qriocity to the ps3, but they ended up choosind Vudu, which is owned by WALMART!

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Yaay! An obscure website that I've never even heard about makes a rumor based on a "source". Stupid article. Even though I think there is a 51% chance of google tv coming to ps3, this website is just making up bulls(hi$

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Here is the video. For people who don't want to wait for google translator crap..

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