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That article is just plain garbage. I presume that the author must like campaigns of games such as CoD, Battlefield, etc.

Revelations is the best Assassin's Creed game I have ever played (and I have played all of them). The segments are entirely optional, but I recommend them. Each segment is unique and has its own theme (like the night club sequence, where the lasers danced around in an upbeat manner).

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Well you came here this year, I have been with this website for more than 2 years now. It is just really sad that crap like this is approved. I'm a contributor and I READ THE RULES BEFORE I JOINED.

They have rules about posting and approving articles, rules no one reads. They say that personal gaming blogs are not allowed, atleast that is what was said when I joined.

I even reported articles a few times, but no action was taken. I don't know what the mod...

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You call this journalism? This article has so many grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, formatting mistakes, etc. I logged into my account just to comment about this.

Why do contributors approve this crap? This article was just written to garner views and attention, and it has succeeded in doing so. I hate the state n4g is in. Tecstories.com? It's not even a full-fledged gaming website, and it has no reputable articles or authors.

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I pledge to Go Commando September 20th!

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Ummm really? This has nothing to do with exclusivity. Microsoft refuses to open up their live service, and because of this, valve can't implement steamworks, which is required for cross platform play.

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You have to take into account that this game is being made by Rocksteady. I'm sure that they will do a good job.

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Playstation Plus sure is becoming awesome. Luckily, I bought my one year subscription when they were giving three months free to every buyer.

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Stupid article, the game will surely succeed.

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Again, I think you don't have the right information. Please provide valid proof that the reason the PS3 doesn't have cross game chat is due to the OS footprint.

From my view, XMB has a far lesser memory foorprint than Xbox's OS. The Dashboard has a ton of animated stuff like ads, moving avatars, etc. XMB is much less complicated.

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Pre order bonuses are made to ensure that people pre order. What pre order does is that it tells the publisher/store owner, how many copies are needed in advance, so that they don't get overstocked or understocked.

Also, it is also a method to award a loyal fan. A lot of serious inFamous fans are going to be pissed if Sony released pre order bonuses for free.

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Your argument is a fallacy. It's not about whether the PS3 is capable of it or not, it's about who owns the rights. Microsoft has a patent on cross game chat on consoles. Read my comment below.

Also, please don't try to predict whether or not we will get cross game chat as you don't work for Sony and you don't have any proof to back your assumption.

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I don't think that the answer is that simple. Microsoft owns the patent on cross game chat on consoles. Vita isn't a console. So, Sony is offering cross game chat on the Vita and not the Xbox.

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Wait, how is this video related to the PSP?

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Did you even read the blog post? This whole "worst game ever" is a marketing ploy and as you can see, it working well.

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Wow, I'm disappointed that he wasn't punished severely. He should have gone to jail.

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Oh I HATE those non-english sites like videogameszone.de or cynamite! They take so long to open and the information they have is usually crap! There should be a way to block news from certain users from appearing on the front page.

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I'm NOT trying to be racist in any way. That's a pretty big allegation that you are leveling against me and you are doing so without any evidence. Playing the "race card" is really low battleaxe. And you made me use my last bubble.

Please try to have a real mature conversation next time.

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See my reply to "faysal" above. I'm just expressing my opinion here, just like you. If YOU don't like what I'M saying, YOU know where the door is :P

Why YOU are replying to MY comment is yet another mystery entirely! :P

Your ideology can work both ways.

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It's called being "proactive". I have the right to express my concerns, and if you say otherwise, please GTFO. I don't like it, that's why I comment!

And no, I don't watch his show, I'm not going to join the "hive mind" that's going on here just to "fit in". I really don't like his show and his outlandish stories. :/

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I'm pretty sure that 12-16 year olds worship his show to be "hip" and "street". HHG is one of the main problems N4G has; he is one of the reasons people don't take this site seriously.

I knew that I will get a ton of disagrees for my comment above, but I have the right to express my opinion and I used that right.

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