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Mr Bun...if it's 20:00 GMT, then it's 15:00 EST (EST is GMT -5)

And [email protected]
"Am I the only one who sees the irony in writing 20:00 "PM"?"
I'd say it's not Irony, but a little redundant (yes, I'm a grammar snob) :-)

*EDIT*, sorry, 15:00 = 3:00 PM

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Mr [email protected]

"6:00 PM EST is 0:00 GMT so it happened right as March 1(2) came."

Actually, 6:00 PM EST is 11:00 PM GMT, EST is GMT -5

I logged in at 5 minutes past midnight, GMT and all was well. Definitely "fixed" by date rollover

*EDIT* And I should add my son attempted to log in about 30 minutes before midnight GMT and he couldn't..so for me, problem was fixed at 7:00 PM EST

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There's no RJ-11 jack on my computers, so if there is one on my motherboard I'm not aware of it doesn't have a place to plug in to a phone line.

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No Really..no MODEM. I still have Zip Drives (internal and external), 5 1/4 Floppy, 3 1/2 Floppy, every hard drive I've ever owned (almost), a Null MODEM cable.

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I don't think I could remember how to dial into a BBS..8N1, 7E2? I think I still have some floppy disks for ProComm laying around somewhere...but a MODEM. Haven't had one of those in years. Ahh..the good old days of computing.

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is he has personal space issues and thinks broccoli and asparagus are evil. And I don't think I'm putting words in his mouth when I say that he said he has always wanted to participate in a sleep deprivation study.

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OK, I'm just going to vent and perhaps noone will ever read this, but....

I haven't read the comments and don't know if I'm stating what's been stated 1000 times, but this is truly frustrating. Unacceptable. I understand network outages, and maintenance, but I can't play games that I have the disk for. I can't play games that I OWN. I understand *maybe* not being able to play downloaded games, but games I have the EFFING disk for...stupid.

My concerns against downloa...

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I was thinking there'd be like 1500 people there to break the record. 99? Did I read that right? I'm thinking there's more at any given Star Trek Convention.

@coolfool...what about Olivia Munn?

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I think you have the disagrees because of your logical fallacy:

1. Google does business with China
2. China is evil because the government censor its people
3. Since google does business with China, it's evil

In order for google to have a presence in China their content is censored--whether google does it themselves or the Chinese government does it for them.

Never had a problem except the following: My Dreamcast (which broke 1 week ago--the day I finally got Shenmue!!) and I'm on my way to UPS today to ship back my 5th 360...grrr. PS3/PS2/XBOX/NES/GameCube still chugging along. I bet my 2600 would still be working if I didn't trade it for that 8-Track player.

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I'm not quite the bargain shopper but I don't see how you saved $400. I spec'd out 2 PCs, 1 from Costco online (which I just purchased) and one from parts (all prices from Newegg). The results:
Price I paid from Costco: 1,259.99

Parts from Newegg (tax not included or shipping if applicable)
============================= ===
289.99 Intel® Core­™ i7-860 Processor at 2.8GHz
99 1TB (7,200RPM) SATA 3Gb/s hard drive
25 Light...

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