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@ Hick
You're comment's on here make ME feel you are a very sad, pathetic, lonely person in life. I feel so bad for you, and many others on here, that have nothing better to dedicate their live, time, effort, and reputation, defending a corporate company that makes your favorite toy. It's a F%$king toy we use to have fun, yet you act like it's a "cause" you have to defend and fight to your last breath for. It's so sad you take this stuff so seriously you...

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Well stunta1 Ryse is the ONLY one on the list that is even out, no? So we don't even know what the others will even look like technically right? So as of right now Xbox1 is the only console with a game that can be played now on the list?

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So what if it only does everything, wasn't a problem for ya last gen.

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@ phil_75
You forgot to put "but so far, less GAMES NOW!!! Sony's "in the future" games I would take with a grain of salt. TLG, Agent.

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Hell I don't need an article to tell me why. It's being made be a first party studio, that alone is enough of a reason. The same reason Halo can "only be done" on the XB1.

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Why should they have to do anything to mod the controller. The FACT is that without the camera that damn light is 150% useless, period. It serves no purpose but aggravating a few petty gamers. Why is it even there. I think they should have just done a Move like play and only bundled the light controllers with the cameras. There is absolutely no logical reason at all for it to be there without the camera.

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@ memots
I think that attitude extends WAY beyond the gaming community. I agree with you though.

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@ BlackTar187 & iiorestesii
I think you just made the biggest point against the light I've seen so far, and you were trying to defend Sony. You are right, you can barely notice it, so that makes the battery power it uses a complete waste. It serves no real purpose for anyone without the camera, so why put it on every controller? I have NEVER seen people get confused over who’s controller is who’s, have you honestly? I think this is perfect evidence that the camera was origina...

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@ G20WLY
Well I'm glad I could feed your starving a$$. You seem good at sucking down every little thing you're feed by Sony anyway. All I did was state a few fact about history in response to your "witty" comment. You can't think of a better comeback, and have to say I look desperate without being able to logically back up your own argument, then start whatever that, "attack" was. I say "attack" because I don't know what else to call it....

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What a productive, useful addition to the conversation you are. What was your point? Just to be a dick? Look everyone here knows you only love Sony, you are past the point of having to make trollish comment like this to prove it. Two folks thought what they saw was cool and lifelike, yet you felt the need to show them how wrong, or stupid, or MS faboyish they are huh? Grow up man, you're acting like a child. I also marvel at your name too, it couldn’t be more opposite of how you act. You ...

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@ G20WLY
Why don't you use Google to compare all the games you can play right NOW on both systems. Half the games on that PS4 list are a joke or are already out anyway, but if it makes you nice, safe, and secure to pull that "security blanket" of stretched opinion over you, whatever. We can also speculate how long before some of those games drop. I remember one of the biggest games that hyped me up for the PS3 was TLG, how was that one? It was listed on fanboy list, eve...

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True, but Castlevania has been a household name since the late 80's, so I would personally say the Castlevania name in gaming is bigger than GOW. Now this is just my opinion, and I am not trying to take anything from GOW, it has more than earned it’s spot in the Gaming Hall of Fame, but I’ve been with Castlevania since ’86 and it is a classic for all time.

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Yea, great one dude, high five for Sony, the king of us./////////////ssssssssssssss ssssssss

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@ NihonjinChick

So? Ace didn't say "what exclusives", only "What are xbone owners gonna be playing in january", so Midnight answered. What was the point of your comment? Neither mentioned the word exclusive.
Multi-plats don't work or count as games?

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Wow, you are either extremely young, or extremely ignorant.

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@ WeAreLegion
Bull$hit, this whole world is about money and money only. Corporations are the head of this greed movement. Not because they are "evil" (well they are, but not on purpose), it's because this is how the system was set up. Only the strong survive, business is the only place real evolution can be observed, that other theory is just a smoke screen. It is survival of the fittest out there period, and not one of them will ever stop to think how you may be doing,...

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You are whining about his whining, so DON'T read your own post.

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"Sony was in a far, far weaker position last generation" What?
After the PS1&2’s complete domination they were in a weak position? Grant it they stacked the deck against themselves with bad PR, and a complete bad estimate about how much one would pay for a gaming system. Any disadvantage they had was self-inflicted, just the same as ya’ll (as far as you and the Sony crew) love to point out MS for doing this gen. Sony had decimated all competition the previous 2 gens, an...

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Well we don't always get what we want, and Sony can't keep up with demand (which I am not saying as an insult), so that’s just life and the way it is. I want my job to pay me enough to support my family without my wife having to work too, but... Crying/complaining about it changes nothing, is pointless, and makes one look bad.

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@ Rockstar
Like we have any money anyway, who the hell do they think we are, the Federal Reserve? We can’t just push a button and create billions. The audacity of these stores.

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