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Better find the closest refrigerator.

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I think this is actually what happened. Longo seemed to be the last of those who wanted to take Halo in the wrong direction and like the article mentioned, he wasn't the overall director of the game.

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This article is poorly written, awfully formatted drivel. Black Ops 5 is coming at the end of 2020. End of story.

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No. It's a disaster. I'm expecting some form of an apology next E3 after they quietly phase the game out over the next few months and pretend it didn't happen.

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Wow. Bethesda should be embarrassed to have released this game. It's becoming more of a joke as the reviews pound it into the ground.

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I see the rest of the royalists turning on them in wake of 76, honestly. Fallout 4 was already mediocre and barely an RPG and now this takes whatever was good about 4 and diminishes it to almost nothing.

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Yes they do. The game barely looks this gen.

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The press overhyped this game and ruined it for people. It looks good but it's not a "revolution" like many were claiming. Also, the dialog is flat out bad, way too on the nose and campy, and only a few fans are calling them on it. CD Projeckt should be held to a higher standard than this.

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Here are some of those "Female Soldiers" who served in World War II since apparently it's so difficult to google anything.


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As much as it pains me to say it, there seems to be a consensus that John Carmack was causing more problems than he could solve. Rage was a mess from a technical perspective while the new Doom runs smooth as butter. Also, around the time Doom was rebooted, Carmack and many id veterans left the company, and it must have been for the best if the latest Doom game is any indication.

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I'm thankful for n4g because it gets me the very best news for free

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It's most likely Destiny, but I would consider that to be extremely over-budgeted if that is indeed true.

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I am so sick of listening to this overblown imbecile spew this tripe all over his blog.

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I'm glad they've wised up and decided to do the right thing.

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Forza 5 looked amazing, glad to hear that there's no downgrade in the system's clock speed.

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I personally prefer Troy Baker to Nolan North, he seems to project far greater range in his performances.

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Who cares. I'm still buying the game and one reviewer hasn't convinced me otherwise. It's just a number assigned to a game on one website, get over yourselves.

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Is that Joaquin Phoenix on the cover?!

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I really wanted this game to be great, but it looks like the reception speaks otherwise. This game most likely will not break even and because of that Insomniac probably won't close but they will suffer from lay offs. Hopefully they will maintain a decent core team and avoid publishers like EA in the future, maybe they'll even team up with Sony and deliver another true Ratchet and Clank game.

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I hope this is Prey 2, that game looked astounding and it would be a shame if it were cancelled.

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