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doesn't look like the game has improved much since the first game, I loved the first game for its time but the 2nd one and this one kinda look like the same thing...

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cant wait for this sexy game! xD

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if your more a of hardcore gamer and play heaps of online games with friends then you should choose the xbox 360 (like me)

if your a casual gamer and just play online sometimes and prefer to spend your time watching movies, then you should have a PS3.

make a choice and don't go around saying that that console is the best, grow up.

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Sony & Microsoft have been competing for the number #1 title in gaming (consoles) for years now so of course it matters, whats life without a little competition? Everyone picks there own company to support, all for different reason & all claiming there the best. I personally prefer Microsoft because there set up suits me better, I play a lot of online gaming with friends and love the party chat that PS3 doesn't have, if your more of a guy who loves playing online with friends then...

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xbox shipped something like 7.6 million and PS3 shipped 7.7 million, theres no stats to say they actually sold more worldwide, only stats was these US stats saying they sold double in US, sorry I forgot to say that in the video ;P

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